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Jump Training

I have been doing WS4SB III for the past 8 Weeks. I was only doing legs once a week (the max effort day) because I was busy with school and did not have time. However, since school is over, I am adding the dynamic lower body day. I have never done any jump training before and am clueless about it. I looked at JD’s options and most of them require a box to jump onto. I cannot do these because my gym does not have the necessary equipment.

What are broad jumps? And are there any other options for jump training other than just jumping on to boxes? I really want to do this properly and any advice would be greatly appreciated. Below is what my dynamic day will look like:

Jump Training
Bulgarian Split Squats
Romanian Deadlifts
Cable Crunches

Thank you

You need to add the following workouts
Depth Jumps
Lateral Jumps to box
Box Jumps
Power Clean
Need more ideas on jumping training and drills? www.sport-fitness-advisor.com/plyometricexercises.html

That site is INCREDIBLY helpful when it comes to trying to jump farther or higher.

thanks a lot man. Very helpful!