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Hey guys, I have been following this site for quite some time now & I am in need of some advice. I know you guys are going to start the flaming when I say the two most hated letters on this website, but I am looking to start with my first cycle with a PH stack. First some things about myself....

Age: 24
Weight: 200
Height: 6'
BF: 9-10%
Years Training: As long as I can remember.

I have been in the gym since my freshman year of highschool. Mostly for boxing so I had a weight limit throughout highschool, but I was always a smaller sized individual and had a hard time gaining weight. I've worked my tail off to get me to 200lbs naturally & I cant seem to gain anymore weight. I've upped my cals twice, I get plenty of sleep & I am just at a major plateau.

Now my reasoning behind doing PH rather than going ahead and jumping into the real deal is for one reason & one reason only. I do not have a source & cant seem to find one. I am looking for some advice from people with experience with these products. I am looking for a good Class I/II stack and unsure of where to start.

All these clones coming out are spinning my head because I'll be reading about one PH find out its banned its new clone has a different chemical name. I just need some advice because I am not positive how I am supposed to know if its a class I or II. I've been asking around and the most popular ones mentioned have been Finaflex 550-HD / Monsterdrol. Any help would be appreciated.

Any flames is understandable but dont expect a reply from me. Only reason I am looking toward PH is the fact that I cant get ahold of any sources that I feel are legit.



If you have upped calories twice and got upto 200lbs, TRUST ME - you don’t struggle to gain weight. Nowhere near.

You say you want to do a PH because you cant get AAS… fine - except you don’t seem to know anything about PH either. What do you want? Someone to hand a full plan to you?

I would also be interested why you decided to post here… on this site, in this forum. I know PH are often discussed in steroid forums, and i understand we have a (fairly weak) sticky… but other than that, if it were me looking to learn about these supplements/products, i wouldn’t be asking here, that’s for sure.

I would get a pen and paper, and get cracking on Google - as i do with many, many subjects - listing all links to possible information sources, gleaning information to allow me to learn more which will enable me to safely and effectively run… whatever.

For example, your own question would lead me to turn to a search engine with such options as:

“Class I Pro-hormones”
“Class II Pro-hormones”
“Finaflex 550-HD”
“Finaflex 550-HD Class I/Class II”
“Pro-Hormone chemical names”
“Pro-Hormone stacks”

You get the idea…

Most of the information posters have here on PH - other than a couple who don’t post too much - is simply based on what we know about hormones and their actions as PED.
You may get what you want, but i am just telling you there are forums that are famous (in the world of their topic) for PH/DS info… and there are a lot more that simply are better than this for info on such products.

Also it may be worth noting that if you use the search in T-Nation, you will get virtually every piece of info the site has on the subject - including the posters. I say this only because the information provided is really quite repetitive.

I dont care if you reply or not - but this isn’t so much of a flame as a genuine bemusement.



The surest way to find a source is to become a contributing member of a steroid board and put in your time asking questions and actively learning. The source will eventually come, but you have to show up first.

Now, if the only reason you are thinking of using products with highly questionable brand names is that you cannot find a source, then my advice would be to stop being impatient. Hang around here long enough and you’ll get your source. You’ll be very glad you waited.


The reason I posted here is due to the fact I have done 100% of my research on AAS and not pro hormones. I dont expect people to hand me information. I was merely looking for experience with these products and how they reacted to them.

And to Brook… I’ve upped my cals twice since I’ve been 200lbs and havent been able to put on ANY MORE weight. I’m currently doing a few OTC supps nothing major though and still no help other than some bloating from creatine. Strength-wise I havent been able to up my weight in quite some time. I’ve tried multiple strength generating workouts and still nothing. I’ve done some research toward ordering online but I always seem to find something that makes me tend to think the products they sell arent legit. I’ve tried doing a small order twice from two separate sites and both ended up being bogus and just ripped me off. I turned to attempting to find a local source and no luck. So I’ve started looking at pro-hormones and trying to figure out which ones would be better over others… I was in no way asking to be spoon fed. I’m just looking for peoples experiences with these compounds… This is a public board where people post things such as this… I am not sure why Brook goes straight to hostility.



I am researching Spawn and from the research I’ve concluded that would be a Class I prohormone. Correct me if I’m wrong.



The Finaflex 550-HD is claiming to be an SD Clone…

Finaflex 550-HD
2a,17a-Dimethyl-etiocholan-3-one, 17Ã?-ol 10mg **
Estra-4,9-diene-3,17-dione 25mg **
Bergamottin (6, 7,-dihydroxybergamottin (DHB) 50mg **
3, 17 ketoetiochol-triene 10mg **
Milk Thistle (80% Silymarian) 120mg **
NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) 250mg **
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 50mg 83%


Have you even read the PH sticky we have here? I don’t think you have.

Did you not find that any of the information and knowledge you have about AAS shed light on some of the PH’s?

For example… i know generally what defines a CI and CII steroid, so this assists a great deal in finding out what category a PH/DS would fall into… not to mention knowing places on this site where such information is given (maybe the sticky - wink, wink).

Also, seeing as i know how to use Google, it means i am lucky enough to be able to determine what the differences between the SD clone you cut and pasted, and the original SD are… and also if SD is class I or II.

I would then be able to decide if it suited me and from there find what would stack with it… and on finding options, i could research those further… etc, etc, etc…

I am honestly not trying to be a cunt, but i happen to see alot of posters here like you who come to this site that ISNT rich in PH info… looking for someone to suggest hormones that we know little about to someone we know less about - and i find that by pointing them in the right direction from this very high horse, is more helpful than doing a search for them.

Do you see where i am coming from? I understand if you think i am a twat, i am. But you should also read between the lines.



I’m glad I could add to your vocabulary :slight_smile:


I found my necessary information on another board. I was merely asking for personal experiences with different prohormones. I was in no way asking to be spoon fed information nor asking you to do a search for me.



Given you are quite lean, you need to up your calories again. I mean, com’on, your are 10% bf, eat a bit more.


Shoot me a PM of your diet breakdown or post it on here. I’ve been seeing a friend of mine thats a nutritionist. He’s helped me pack on a few pounds in between cycles.



Also, as far as your product containing an SD clone…

etiocholan - molecular structure for androst

so your product vs superdrol rewritten would look more like this…

17a-Dimethyl-etiocholan-3-one / 2a-17a-dimethyl-5a-androst-3-one

Hopefully that cleared some things up for you. And dont mind Brook… Regardless of what ya think he is actually full of a lot of knowledge.




if you truly did hang around here and did any research on this forum you would know Brook gave some excellent information.
I think your full of shit. A lot of other people would have lit your ass up but the one person that actually tries to help you you get snotty with…

Some peoples kids…



ugh, This is exactly why i abandoned this board!! But here I am again. OP asked for opinions and maybe help point in right direction. I don’t know much about PH. personally I have used m1t and tren x back in the day, liked em but nothing compared with steroids. LIke Cortes said, just be patient and stuff will land in your lap and you will be happy you did. Anyways, with most PH, you’ll still need some, AI’s, serm’s. So why not just wait for for the real stuff?