Jump/Throws and Two Main Lifts per Training Session

I wonder when to do jumps and throws if I do two main lifts per session instead of one.
If you do one lift per session it’s simple: you do jumps/throws before lifting.
But if I do Squat and Bench (or Deadlift and Overhead Press) during one workout is it better to do all jumps and throws before lifting or split it and for example do jumps before Squat/Deadlift and throws before Bench/OHP?

Do all that stuff before lifting. Dont split jumps/throws to upper and lower body.



Jumps and throws are there to prime your body for the lifting session ahead, and both should involve your whole body. Remember if you’re only using your upper body for throws, you’re not doing them right.

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Do ALL the jumps/throws before lifting. This is how it is layed out in the Forever book.

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Thank you for your answers. I will follow your advice.