Jump Starting a Cycle with Anadrol?

Wasn’t able to get an answer by tacking this on to the end of my old thread so I figured I’d start a topic with a more clear title.

Basically I want to run a nice solid cycle and am looking to put on mass and especially strength. I have read that Anadrol has phenomenal strength benefits but most of its mass comes in water retention and it is highly hepatoxic and not well tolerated over longer stretches.

I wanted to know if jump starting a cycle with 4 weeks of Anadrol to really get the strength and size going, and then continuing with two compounds that will help to keep the maximum amount of the strength and size possible was a good idea.

I am looking at something like:

Wk 1-12 Test E 500mg (250/250)
Wk 1-4 Anadrol 100mg ED
Wk ??-12 NPP/EQ??

I’m wondering what the best compound would be to run there after the Anadrol and what week would be ideal to start it at. Any advice on this would be appreciated. I believe I have my AI pretty well dialed in. I understand that EQ may result in me tweaking my AI a bit and if I remember correctly (I was reading a lot last night, may have gotten one of my compounds mixed up) I would probably want to add an anti prolactin with NPP. I’m good on most of that information.

I’m just looking for some opinion on kicking off a cycle with a short run of Anadrol and advice on what the best compound would be to follow it up with, along with when to incorporate it.

I’m just gonna quickly break down a detailed (but relatively short reply)
Run the NPP from week 1
Anadrol is more hepatotoxic than others, as it is the only anabolic steroids that has even had a proven case in causing hepatocellular carcinoma (liver cancer), however this tends to be in very sick patients being treated with the drug at very high doses (30-500mg/day) for very long periods of time (2 years of more) and the broscience on how toxic it is seems to be highly exxagerated, HIV patients have been given 100mg+ daily for like half a year without their livers failing. Depending on what cycle number this is and whether you have used anadrol before, I would say a 50mg dose could also work well with less chance of adverse side effects, however I am not a doctor (not giving medical advice) therefore do whatever you feel is best. I’d run NPP instead of EQ even though I’ve never ran steroids (yet) because EQ is a very long ester and one needs to typically run it for at least 15 weeks to get the most out of it while NPP is quick acting and you will get really nice gains in mass from it, if you are looking for primarily strength than you may want to look into more androgenic compounds. Anadrol, being an oral, will seriously fuck up your cholesterol for the four weeks while you are on it, also anadrol gives estrogenic side effects and there is no real data as to what causes them but using an AI will not help. I just thought I should mention that as high cholesterol is an extremely overlooked side effect of anabolic steroids. I would run tudca with orals however do whatever you feel is best.

I’ve used TUDCA for oral compounds before. I’m drawn to Anadrol because most of what I’ve read says the strength gains are excellent. But the hepatoxicity and the inexplicable estrogenic sides are why I only want to use it as a 4 week kick starter. The AI I mentioned was only for the Test though, I know that it won’t do anything for the drol sides. I appreciate the input. NPP being a shorter ester is definitely something to consider.

EQ Would also be a good choice if you managed to get boldenone cypionate or boldenone acetate, however both are said (anecdotally) by many to be extremely painful to inject.

“ boldenone undecylenate is designed to provide peak realease of boldenone within a few days after injection., and sustain hormone release for approximately 21-28 days”

Dr William Llewllyns anoblics 11 Ed p. 278