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Jump Start Cycle, Yes or No?


ok Guys. Here it is. I was planning on running my first Test cycle around May time frame because I am curently halfway through a prohormone cycle. (Yea go ahead and blast me)

I'm curently on week 3 of 5 of

Methylstenbolone 15mg a day
cynostane 40mg a day
7-MENT 40mg a day

As always I have AI And SERM on hand for a proper cycle.

My question is, should I Wait until after my PCT from my Pros. To reach homeostasis and then wait 5-6 weeks to run my test cycle

Or would the pros be a good Kickstart for my cycle

weeks 1-12 Test E 800mg
Weeks 1-12 Adex 2 mg EOD
weeks 12-16 Clomid 50mg ED

Currently I have gained 7 LBS of solid weight. I'm down to 9% BF. And I'm Vascular as fucking shit. It's actually stupid. but I love it

I'm already shut down. I can tell. My labido is Up and down. Weird. Sometimes horney as shit sometimes can't get it up! Haha my GF is like what's wrong with You. Im considering getting some liq.Cia. For the Just in case moments.

The reason I'm asking for this advice is because I'm concerned with being shut down for 17 weeks.
Maybe harder to bounce back. perhaps Up the doseage on Clomid PCT.?

Additional info.

LIQ. Clomid

both From AG. Guys.

187 lbs
9% BF

BENCH: 330
Squat: 435
Dead: 525

Any advice would be welcome.


yeah man, give it 8 weeks between the cycles at least