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Jump Squats for Squating Strength


What our your guys opinions on jump squats to increase squat power iam doing speed work im just looking for anything to help get me to 700lbs
Also on Good mornings do they help strengthen the muscles with squating for it to increase


How much are you squatting now?


I havent maxed in awhile but my front squat is 455 could Have done more and my zercher is 545 also could Have done more so Idk where im at im testing it Monday with knee sleeves


I only squat around 315 ish so I don't know if I'm qualified to answer but most of the guys I've seen who squat over 500 usually squat heavy all the time with basic pl rep schemes. Increase 10 pounds on the bar a week/decrease set and reps accordingly and do that for around a month and you should get a higher max. Jump squats will make you a better jumper and more explosive in quad dominant movements so there will be some carry over. I think OL can be used as well if you prefer doing that.

Just realized that you said you front squat that much wow that's impressive. Make a training log on here and ask for critique on your program probably help because then people can point you in the right direction because there are some really strong people on this site.


Check out Chaos and Pain, it's a blog by world record holder Jaime Lewis. He has talked quite a bit about how he loves jump squats


I do westside program and I do one accesory movement which is front squat then I do glute bridges to help strengthen my hips and glutes to help me out of the hole more also on the Good mornings I got 365lbs but stopped Because I hit my goal for that day shouldnt thay help increase my back squat


I don't know anything about you as a lifter but if you are using a Westside influenced scheme a lot of people (including Louie) have opined that the good morning needs to be about 65-70% of your back squat poundage. So you got some work to do on good mornings. I find that may not be an exact need--depends a lot on leverages/body type, and squat style/stance/raw/gear. But I would say it is a possibility you need to get better at good mornings if you want to support 700 lbs on your back. Unless the 365 was like an 8 rep set or something.


365 wasnt a max effort I just put it on the bar and went for it and was happy with number but im going for 500lbs on Good morning


Also is there anyone who squats 700lbs What was their front squat and zercher squat like and Good mornings


Got some people here. StormtheBeach is a badass mofo that runs westside style training and squats over 700 (I think something like 825? Don't remember). He has a couple good threads on here "Westside Method Thread" or something similar. He's great on programming.

There are some others here, they keep a fair low profile but might peek in.


Thank you


I'm with wendler. Maxing out on good mornings just isn't a good idea in my mind.


Thank yi Kinda ease into the Good mornings I wear a belt when I go heavy


It can be dicey for sure. I am on the fence with that one. I prefer a 3 rep max to a true max most times.


if you are doing a WSBB style program, don't you have a DE day where you are using box squats for speed work? (in most cases with bands and/or chains? if so there is really no need for jump squats.


Im just looking for more ways to change it up and I never Have tried jump squats just seeing if they help


I enjoy this exercise very much for vertical jump training. It's highly recommended by Kelly Baggett as being superior to the power clean for developing speed-strength. Good to know that it carries over to PL squats as well!


i love jump squats, love them. i usually do a set to failure of jump squats with 225 to finish a heavy squat day. i dont go quite full depth as i find that interrupts the pattern of the movement too much, and just jump enough to get air, not really concerned with how much height i get, more just not decelerating the bar in the latter stages of the lift.

if youre nervous about the bar flying around and killing you, or someone else, use reverse bands, exactly the same as a ballistic bench. personally i prefer it without the bands and it really helps "grease the groove" for the rest of my squats.

just dont ever land with your knees locked, please, ever


Do box jumps.



Holy moly. I need more Good Mornings, my GM is probly less than half my back squat.