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Jump Snap: The Ropeless Jump Rope


T-Nation is now obsolete...

Revolutionary new system...


stuff like this makes me hate humanity.


i have a great idea its called weights without weight
you just lift a plastic doohickey that lies about how much fat your burning and how toned your flabby ass is getting


Be sure the onboard computer makes a big "clang" "thud" sound when you drop it after a heavy set.


I bought two for each hand so I can burn more calories.


Hell yeah.


This invention sucks, I'll stick with my Skip-It.


Man, I miss commercials with catchy songs.


I loved those ones. You know what burned even more calories. Holding it in your hand and hitting your little brother with it. Now you can say, a computer could make the sound of him crying but it just wouldn't be the same.


I love the "it makes noise so you can jump in rythem" bullshit.


What the hell. You could always jump on the spot for no reasons, the purpose of a jump rope is to have a reason to jump. Now, if you remove the rope, why the hell would you need to swing the handles around?

That is just beyond me. Anyone that buy this should be castrated so they can't transmit their stupidity to anyone...


I always get a kick out of the "frustrated consumer" that can't seem to do things right. i.e. the lady trying to jump rope in her 5x5 bedroom, WITH THE BED IN THE WAY. FacePalm

Im starting to think the movie "Idiocracy" is really a biopic of our future.


I usually never play Devil's advocate, but this is not as bas as some of those useless ab machines on TV or the unforgettable Thigh-Master.
At least the people are still jumping...they just aren't getting the coordination benefit.

Yes, I have 2 jump-ropes myself, a leather and a speed one, and of course it would be better to get a real jump rope.


Cmoooon...you know you regretted that post after you sent it lol.


^^ I do admit that I'd never be caught dead doing it myself, and that it just looks plain silly to do it with what ends up looking like 2 maracas in your hand.
Also, the kind of people that buy this stuff are not the kind that would be consistent with it.