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Jump Rope vs Running

Why is it that some people can jump rope for 20 minutes straight and not be able to run for that long and vice versa? Is it different muscle fibers? I thought both are forms of endurance training, so why would an athlete conditioned in one not be well conditioned for the other? I am trying to determine the best endurance tarining for doing long bouts of Forms in the martial arts. I’d like to hear Mr. Staley’s opinion b/c I have been following his work lately but any answer is always welcome and appreciated.


They are both skills and skills which the body must adapt to doing in an efficient manner. Until the body gets efficient at the movement you’ll likely find it difficult, no matter what the activity. If you run a lot but don’t jump rope then even light intensity jump roping will probably seem difficult. If all you do is jump rope but don’t run, then going for a jog will likely be difficult for you. Swimming could also be lumped into that group. Take someone with the endurance to run marathons, throw them into the pool, and chances are they’ll really struggle until they get the hang of it.