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Jump Rope quality

Just a quick Q on jump ropes. What should I be looking for when purchasing one? Nylon? Plastic bead ones? etc… Thanks

Plastic is good. Look for a boxing gym or boxing supply place and buy one there. Make sure the handles spin freely with good ball bearings. Simply hold the rope really close to the handle with the handle hanging down. Now spin the handle. It should spin freely for a while. Length wise, stand on the rope with your feet together. The handles should come up to just under your armpits. If longer, trim the rope down. To do this you will have to remove a handle , cut the rope and re attach the handle. Hope this helps.

There was another thread not too long ago devoted to this exact topic. I have used for the last five years a Everlast leather rope with ball bearring swivel handles (wood handles). Works beautifully and has lasted. I got two, one I keep at home, and one for travel.

Check out www.ringside.com and www.titleboxing.com for their selections. They carry both the plastic and leather.

Thanks, it does.