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Jump Rope - Conditioning Tool?

this might sound dumb but I would highly recommend to stop skipping rope for a week or so and see how it feels then resume skipping.

Palpate your knee. Is the ache on or above the bony growth/knob that is below the patella? This is where the patellar tendon attaches to the tibia. If the pain is there it is most likely a tendonitis, or maybe a bursitis. Rest Ice and Motrin should help. If the pain is medial in relation to the bony knob that would be the pes ancerine(sp?) group. This is where a group of tendons attach to the tibia, I believe from the hamstrings. Again tendonitis or bursitis would be likely so rest, ice and motrin would apply. Once the flare up is gone stretch and ease your way back into working out.

Thanks for the advice. I’ve stopped skipping rope for the time being; I guess that I should have mentioned that in my last post. The problem is definitely not the patellar tendon; I had that problem when I was younger, and I remember how it felt. The pain (sharper than an ache) is medial to the bony knob below the patella, so your second idea seems plausible, Alex V. I should add that I already take pretty heavy-duty NSAID’s for arthritis (Celebrex and Ultracet, at maximum doses), so I always assume with any pain that it would be a lot worse if I weren’t already on the meds. But now, I’m curious as to why a hamstring attachment would hurt when the action that causes the pain seems more of a quad-related one – it’s the landing/deceleration part of skipping rope that seems to hurt. Biomechanically, what is the involvement of the hamstring in decelerating on landing?

the hamstring function on landing is knee stabilization. Then on the quick rebound they help with hip extension. During palpation is the discomfort on the flat diagonal part of the bone or on the edge? If on the smooth diagonal part then it is the pes anserine. This is where the semitendonosus muscle (hams) attach. They assist on medial stability of the knee (with the mcl) and internally rotate the lower leg when the knee is flexed. If it is on the outer edge it may be an mcl problem. If it is a harsher pain than an ache you may have a small tear. I’d see a doctor. It’s obviously easier to eval in person. How’s your rope form? Do you rotate your toes in or jump knock kneed. These would both stress the medial side of the knee as well.

Glad to help

Alex V

Thanks for your comments. When I palpate, the pain is on the edge, rather than the flat diagonal part of the bone. My form used to be good, but maybe since I am landing on the foot that had surgery, my perception may be off. For the time being, I’m just going to lay off the rope. There’s plenty of other cardio to do that doesn’t seem to aggravate this.