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Jump Rope advice

Does anyone have a recommendation on purchasing a jump rope? I’m sure some are better than others. Thanks.

Hey, I bought A weighted rope from this guy they are expensive but you get what you pay for.



I got a “Everlast” leather rope, with nice smooth wood handles and inner ball bearing swivels. Nice, long lasting (I’ve had mine for 5-years) and I take it whenever I’m on the road. Check out www.ringside.com or www.titleboxing.com - there you can check out what the boxers use. Oh, and I wouldn’t get the “plastic” ones - get a leather one, especially if you expect to be using it alot!

Totally agree. Everlast is the best jump rope. That was my favorite when I boxed amateur. I also have more expensive weighted ones. They really don’t let you go at as fast of a pace.

I’ve got a weighted Weider rope (who cares); its nice…foam handles, leather rope, good bearings. I think it was 16 bucks CAN. I’m pleased with it.

Personal preference…I’m not a big fan of the thicker leather ones but I did get a plastic one at Target for like 6 bucks and it’s by far my favorite one I’ve used.

ironmind sells a beautiful weighted, tapered rope. 25 bucks though. Pricey. I bring it to the school i work at and the kids practically knock each other over to get at it. “I call the good rope!” “No, you had it last time” However it is mostly for my own use. For the team I get em 7 dollar speed ropes at the local sporting good store. Stay away from anything with plastic links.

If you are doing “renegade style” workoutw you DO NOT want a weighted rope, trust me. I’ve used many different types and I like the “beaded” type the best, leather and cloth ropes have to much wind resistance and do not cross very well.

I have an Everlast , and like the name, implies, it has lasted me for a long time, 10+ years. There may be better ones out there, but I’m happy with mine.

I have used everlast for the past two years. I like it but the handles. First the handles wear to fast and they are skinny so it put more stress on your hands. My friend just bought a Nike Air Max Rope for $15.00 which the handles are thick but as for durabilty it is unknown becasue I have not been able to use it long enough.

I prefer a rope that I can generate the most speed with. I think over the last 25 years, I have used virtually every type of rope and oddly enough, I tend to get the best results like with the cheaper plastic speed ropes. Good luck with the rope work. In faith, Coach Davies

Thanks for the advice everyone. I’m going to buy the Everlast and the plastic one and see which I like better. I’m thinking for cardio to alternate jumping rope and sprints every month. Although after taking Myostat and 4 AD for a week I’m already leaning out so much that I may be able to quit cardio altogether. I love these supplements.

Lifeline Power Jump Rope bodytrends.com $12.99
Best jump rope for the money.

Where can I buy the plastic ropes coach is talking about? also how long, i heard they should come to your arm pit is this righ?

You should be able to get a plastic jump rope from any sporting goods store. I got a TKO rope, that’s in the boxing section.

The Lifeline Power Jump rope is the best plastic one I’ve used. I like it better than my old EverLast leather.