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Jump Photo Analysis


Today i've split my jump into six sequences. Take a look and tell what can i do (''posturally talking'') to get some more inches

Phase number one


Phase 2


Phase 3


Phase 4


Phase 5


Phase 6


If I quadruple my vertical jump maybe one day I'll be able to do that too.


quite a deep knee bend. work on reactivity.


That is fucking insane man.


yeah man you should not have to bend the knees past 90 degrees to obtain maximal height.
Remember the faster you drop down the faster you will come back up. So keep it short and F-ing fast.


Motherfucker is a Puma.


Wow, how high is your vertical? In those pics it looks like your standing vert is easily over 36 inches!!! WOW!!


How high is the box? (I want to compare it to what I work out with)

An above post already said what I would recommend, don't go that low (some would recommend it though) and make sure to drop quickly to generate power like a spring.

I want to add one thing though, ok two.
1. It's hard to tell because of the pics and I'm sure you not only know this but are doing it: explode up with your arms very very fast to help generate power, it will prepell you up higher.

  1. As a box jumper myself, you should be landing in or near the middle of the box, or mats or whatever you have. Not only for safety, but when you are landing in the middle consistantly, you step it up an inch or two etc, etc. Then you work at landing in the new height in the middle consistantly and step up the height. That way you won't plateau as quickly and you can adapt better. I'm just ranting but I'm sure you know all this. But then again everyone's techniques are different and who's to say mine is better.

Kir Dog


Thats amazing man!! I would like to have a vert that good! How much can you squat?


Man, that's fuckin insane. Much props


Thanks you all, it's about 54 inches, by the way i'm 69 inches tall. I will try to not bends as deep as one the pictures. I squat around 500 bw 186


Increase the speed at which you decend.



And TNT-CDN knows this how? They are pictures, I wouldn't be able to tell how fast he is decending.



About 54"!!! I'm pretty damn jealous!!! I've been consistantly hittin' 48" during my box jumps.

Good stuff J


I just wanted to add something I found to be rather interesting. A guy of whom I don't know but is on the record board at my University box jumped 59". His vertical is only 32" (still very respectable). I'm a tad under 50" on the box jump and my vert was tested at 32" recently. Veeeeerrrrrryyy interesting.

Jonathan, do you know what your vert is?