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Jump/Explosive Training

Hi all, im basically looking to start implementing the DE day from defranco’s WS4SB 3. Only problem being me gym is pretty useless equipment wise thus limiting my jumping options to pretty much jumping for length, since the roof is too low to jump onto anything.

I was wondering whether I could substitute some kind of throwing activity into the programme- maybe throwing for height or distance outside. Any thoughts?

One quick suggestion if your roof is too low to jump onto things (but I’m going to assume is at least 9 feet high) is to go by head height on jumps. I train in my garage and the ceiling is about 10 feet high so what I do is just hang measured pieces of tape from the ceiling and judge my jumps by head height. I do a variety of jumps with different weights and go for records there.

You can also do a variety of broad jumps although I personally would be hesitant to do them on a concrete floor.

Throws are a great option, chest passes, overhead throws, keg throws, backward scoop throws for height or for distance and with a variety of different med balls.