July Alberta T-Cell Gathering (Paul's Party)

Okay, It’s almost my bedtime so I’m going to skip the humour that I should be including in this post. . .

The July 19th Weekend will be T2 here in Alberta, we are gathering to celebrate Paul’s (454ss) birthday. While the poor man does live in Calgary the Celebration is going to occur in Edmonton.

At T1 we discussed a few options for this gathering and I figured Iwould put something up hehre so we could discuss the options a little. We had discussed that we could make the day a West-Ed day since there’s so much to do there but that was about as far as we got (except for CGB’s plaintive cries for Karaoke).

At West-Ed we find ourselves faced with many many different possiblities:

Playdium (huge arcade, $15 for 3 hours unlimited or something like that with my discount card)

Now, these are not all the possibilities that are open to us in Edmonton but in West-Ed these are the obvious ones we encounter. That and trying to get CGB to make that “moose in heat” noise again . . .

Personally I was thinking something along the following lines:

12:00 Waterpark
4:00 Go-Karts
6:00 Retire for food and an evening of talking. . .

These options are open so I’m looking for feedback. We could also make it a whole-weekend event if people are interested. I can come up with plenty of floor space for people to use and a couple of sofas so let me know. . .


Well with some smooth talking like that you got me convinced. Count me in. Thats two, now if we can just get some T-Vixens to come out we could have ourselves a party.

I re-itterate; WATERPARK.

Cass and Eva in a bikini!

What more is there to say?


AWW GEE a party for me!!!

The last gathering was a blast So I am sure this one will be aswell. PM activity sugestions Both mine and Sturats way.

I am sure gonna miss that slushie machine though. I really hope cake can help out with that ;).

Should be a blast!!!

I for sure need to do the go-Karts, hmmm maybe they would let us bring paint-ball guns too!!!

I Think we should be getting T-mag Party Favors!! and lots of them since E~ missed out on them last time.

Well, the Birthday boy has put in a request for Go-Karts which pretty much guarantees their inclusion in the festivities.

One thing I should point out prior to everyone casting their vote:

While the waterpark may indeed involve bikini clad vixens it may also include bikini clad CGB attempting to show off his new wax job. . .


Stuart, I haven’t done the full wax job as of yet, just a little around the bikini line.

It’s looking more and more like I’ll be heading east that weekend to visit my family, so I might have to pass. I’ll let you know. Regardless, I’ll be baking a pie for my friend Paul. “To Paul, here is a delicious pie. Sorry about the crunchy parts. Those are apple cores, I think.”

CGB say it ain’t so!! It just won’t be the same without you there buddy . . .

In dismay over this I’m not even making any jokes about you . . . wow, how strange is that?

Well, I’m hoping that you’re there for the potential Labour Day gathering to Celebrate the birthdays of Jared, The other Craig, and myself. . .


So being that I haven’t really heard that much about this lately, is this still a go? If so who all is coming up?

I’m all in for the waterpark idea. A non-creepy way to get vixens into bikinis is always a plus.

oh and the Rats last post should have read
‘Craig, the other whitebread’

well I am in but I do have some other commitments that weekend but i should be able to show up for the food/talking portion for sure. I will know more when i get my full schedule.

“Cass and Eva in a bikini!”

If Cass and Eva get into the same bikini, I’ll fly out from Japan to attend.