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Julius Maddox 8 Week Bench Program

Julius Maddox 8 week bench program

Anybody here ever order Julius Maddoxs 8 week bench program he posts on his website? Obviously it works considering his track record and training with Josh Bryant. I’m currently using a conjugate system that’s working well but I was thinking about trying something different. But wanted to know if anybody had any reviews or feedback or if they tried this.

Havent seen the program, but I think he trains with Josh Bryant, so this would give you an idea

Yeah I like the ideas he puts out there and seems to be working for all his guys

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My question is, why would you buy a Maddox program instead of Josh Bryant program? Maddox isn’t doing his own coaching, and the work he is doing is based on what Josh thinks is appropriate for HIM, at THIS stage of his career.

All the athlete can do is write down something that illustrative of what they’ve been doing, but that might be totally inappropriate for you.

Nothing against Maddox, Im equally confused by people buying Thor’s program instead of Australianstrengthcoach’s programs or any named lifter, rather than their coach.


Not sure I’m on board with Thor’s program being “here’s exactly what Sebastian programmed for me” as opposed to “here’s a generic peaking program Sebastian wrote”.

If I were Seb Oreb and I had the opportunity to sell a strength program using the name of one of the most famous (if not the most famous) strength athletes in the world, I’d be slapping his name all over that shit. Doesn’t necessarily mean it’s exactly what he did for Thor.

I didn’t know you could buy a Josh Bryant program. I had the impression he hand selected who he trained.

He has written loads of books with his (and others) programs in it - you do usually get someone’s specific program so you need to play with them a bit

If you’re into conjugate stuff I would definitely check out Bryant’s book “Bench Press:. The Science.”

Bryant breaks down all sorts of fancy ideas and training techniques (dead bench, isometrics, speed training, bands and chains, etc) in an easy to follow way. Then he gives some ideas for how to program that stuff into routines. All the same stuff Louie/Westside are into, just presented and used in a more straight forward way.

For $20 it’s a good place to start. It could also be cool to get a Bryant program from the man himself.

If it’s working well, why are you wanting to try something different? Serious question to think about, because if you just like experimenting around with different training styles more than pursuing consistent results, that’s totally fine, but understand that if you step away from something that is currently working you risk going down a path that leads to a quick plateau. If results are your top priority, don’t change anything until the results stop or you find yourself developing bad habits that will hurt you in the long run.

Yeah you’re absolutely right about that. I’m having good results with what I’m doing just basically following a Westside template for the bench and it’s working well just curious to see what else was out there and if anybody had any experience with it. I think I’m going to check that book out by Josh Bryant and use some of that techniques in my training

Indeed, im sure in both these instances the coach gets a cut of the sales of their second hand cookie cutter programs through these high profile athletes. I would just rather get a program directly from them which.

Yeah good point

A lot of Louie and Bryant’s stuff come from the same sources. It shouldn’t be hard to use one guy’s info in the other guy’s system.

The biggest difference is that Bryant puts the heavy work and the fast work in the same day, Western style and Louie breaks it up over multiple workouts in the Eastern style.

Exactly. And to top it off, Julius only benches once every 9 days and has a 2nd day where he does some pushups and stuff, more of a “recovery day” than any serious training. Unless you can’t handle benching more than once in 9 days then this program is just not for you.

Because in the minds of the average instagram commentator, every great lifter is also a great coach. Never mind if they never coached anyone worth mentioning.

He trains a lot of people, it’s only the elite ones you hear about. You can contact him through his site (joshstrength dot com).

I appreciate all the responses fellas.