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Juliette? More like John....

Just a quick “this makes me sick” gripe about the new Ms. O, Juliette Bergman. I recent article in a bodybuilding publication shows her in the 80’s looking very feminine, and then her current shape. Her face looks like the JOKER FROM BATMAN! Doesn’t even look like her old self from all the juice this chick must be pumping. Why the hell are women getting into these stronger androgens? I can understand if you want to do the crap for $100 k in prize money, but for the pitiful prizes they get in the Ms. O? This side of the sport should go back to the early 80’s: just about how today’s fitness competitors look.

She did it just to win at an advanced age for a BB. Having been a contest judge for many years, Weider gave her the title as a reward for loyalty. Don’t worry, fitness competitors are slowly and surely getting that anabolic look as well.