JuJitsu ?

Anyone know where I can learn any form of jujitsu in massachusettes, boston/suberbs?

New England Submission Figthing in Amherst.
Check out submissionfighting on the web.

The best school in Boston is actually in Cambridge. I forget the name, but I believe it is the only jj school in Cambridge. They have a big ad in the phonebook. I used to work in Security at the Ritz, and my boss studied there for many years and highly recommended it.

Besides, i don’t think you want to drive 90 min each way to Amherst!

There is bostonjujitsu in watertown i think, anyone ever train there???

hey, i have the same problem. i live in wilmingotn, i go to school at AC. There is a place in burlington, but I don’t know what I’m gunna do yet.