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Hey, I just bought a new blender that comes with this little juicer attachment thingy.

So Iam curious if anyone makes up vegtable/fruit juice blends? I found an OLD book about juices in my parents house but its not exactly what i would call a nutritional text :wink:

So far it seems to break one of the Berardi 7 habbits, But id think that the nutritional value of these juices would be far superior to the bottled juices. Providing you dont store it for very long. My mum keeps telling me that they are far better sources of vitamins then pills. And frankly i believe her.

Whats the T-Nation opinion?


I can give you some recipies if you'd like.Juicing is great.In my experience and opinion,juicing is a natural cure for cancer when done right.I have a juice man juicer and I use it when I can.I make fresh vegetable juice,and apple cider juice.Nothing is better than homemade apple cider made from lush apples in summer.Store juice is totally different than juice from the juicer.It doesn't have added sugar or sweateners,or ingredients you can't pronounce.


I'm sure the juice is good and high quality. I personally don't drink any juice to speak of except maybe Post Workout. Keep in mind that when you juice you lose most if not all of the fiber content.


Why is that?


Ok, this thread is NOT about 'roids. I'm slow.


Because the fiber is what's leftover after you juice something. Eat the pulpy nastiness and thats probably a lot of fiber. Think of juicing as "de-fibering" and you will then understand "where the fiber goes".


Wow, making juice cures cancer? Cool! Only when it's done right though.


Yup!Some people can actually cure cancer without drugs! Isn't that neat?


Lol,that is what I though at first too.When I was 17 I was in the gym and these guys asked me if I juice and I said yes.I thought they where talking about juice juicing.I felt like an idiot after learning the meaning of "juicing" a year later.