Juicing....Not THAT juicing!

I know, anything infomercial-ish is a fad! But those juicers seem like they can be very beneficial to ‘looking good naked’ Any thoughts on them?

Juice definitely has helped me look good naked.


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Oops, sorry, I have posted so many times in another thread I got confused.

All kidding aside, I do not juice. Reason being, there is no, or very little, fiber involved in the end product. That means that your body is getting, unfiltered, all of the sugar from the fruit that you are juicing.

Fiber causes the sugar in the juice to be slowly digested into the body.

How does the apple grow? Eat it that way!

I think you are better off eating fruit as many of the vitamins are right under the skin and you might lose that with the juicer???

How about “juicing” with a Vita-Mix? They don’t “juice”, they pulverize the whole fruit into a drink. I’ve been considering one of those for quite a while now, but the $400ish price tag is pretty steep.


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I like juice. I take ‘special’ juice with my orange juice in the morning. I can’t wait to try the other flavors out there mmm good.

No need to buy a vita-supra-juica whatever. If u want juice just put the fruit in your blender with some water maybe some Grow, and whatever else u want and blend away. You get all the benfits of the whole fruit in the form of the juice u seem to want.

Zeb, I hear ya! A friend told me the lack of fiber content to the juice! And ya definately need that fiber! But I thought I read something where, may have been the paper T-mag, that Berardi felt it had some benefit. I may be wrong though.

ZEB, you made me laugh.



Zeb brought up some good points but it depends on what you juice and what you do with it…

I mean juicing fruit is okay, but juicing vegetables and then putting the pulp back in will have all the fibre as far as i can tell and be packed with nutrients…

Nutritionally it will be EXCELLENT

will taste like shit though…

Mercola did an interview here and LOVES juicing…

it really depends on how and what rahther then simply if it is categorically good vs bad!

Let us distinguish between juicing sugary fruits and low-sugar veggies. The former has dubious benefits simply because of the sugar content. The latter could be useful. I juice veggies because it is a handy way to get a lot of nutrition in a little glass. Additionally, I often mix some of the pulp back into the juice and always eat a portion of my veggies raw. Or I avoid juicing any veggie that grows below ground (sugary).

Has anyone found a way to making juicing palatable? Seems like the only things worth juicing are the stuff you wouldn’t eat normally…and those things would probably be disgusting when juiced. Carrots and fruits are the only things that seem good juiced, and you can just eat those raw.


melheema got across what i tried to but failed.

Anabolic Juice

3 Dbol or 3 Anavar Tabs
1 Tsp 17-AA Winstrol
1 Orange (unpeeled)
1 cup frozen blueberries
2 Cups Water

  1. Put all ingredients in blender, blend until liquified.
  2. Drink
  3. Grow