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Juicing in the diet

Anyone using juice (fruit/veg) as a part of their diet. I’m hearing amazing things about the Green Power/Life juicers. How good are the effect of incorporating these things in the diet??? I know its healthy, but how will it affect my Quest to be a Human Colossus (X-MEN Comic hero)? HUGE, LEAN, SOLID, watever it takes!!! Isn’t that why God put us on this planet???

I have been taking green drinks for about a month and find them pretty beneficial. I follow the warrior diet and take them during the fasting period. First thing in the morning, afternoon etc. I have been taking spirulina for a while as well. However, let me tell you, this stuff tastes absolutely disgusting. I do notice an energy boost from it. However, I do not think that I will continue to take the product long term. One thing you might want to try is a fast once a week in which you consume green drinks to clean out your system alkalize it etc. I do think that they are beneficial and will help with fat loss and staying healthy. You can make your own green juice ina vitamix blender or purhase the powder(Dozens of brands out there) “Vitamineral green” is a good product and is the most potent green powder that I have seen.