Juicing Fruits/Vegetables

What are people’s opinions of juicing fresh fruits and vegetables? I’ve been thinking of buying a juicer, but heard that since all the pulp is left behind after juicing, you’re throwing away necessary fibre, and I suspect more beneficial compounds as well.

If anybody has knowledge/experience with this, I’d be appreciative of your thoughts. Thanks…

That’s what I’ve heard. You miss out on the fiber and good vitamins that might be in the skin of the fruit.

Plus, once you juice fruit, you end up with pure sugar. Which isn’t usually recommended on most diets.

You can throw the pulp back in the juice or save it for cooking, stews & stocks. I used to mush up & dehydrate the pulp to make these little crunchy veggie chip like things. Honestly it’s such a pain in the ass for me to clean the juicer that now I pretty much just eat the whole fruit & veggie without juicing.