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Juicers at gyms...

Rant: Why is it that some people decide to waste a cycle on sensless training? The other day at the gym i saw this dude(i would say 6’3 about 185lbs). He had the roider traps, and the bacne was out of control. He was probably sporting a whopping 15 inch arms give or take. I mean i wouldnt say shit or anything but he spent his whole time there using the little chrome DBs doing shoulder raises and presses. The only other thing i saw him do was preacher curls. Now come on… If im doing a cycle i’m gonna be throwing around some serious weight and making sure i stick to the main compound lifts(specially if i looked like he did). Maybe im just blowing this way out of proportion, or maybe the dude needs a slap in the face with an 80lb DB. Anyone else see these kinds of things at your gym? You just wanna walk up to the dude and be like ‘wtf are you doing?!?’. /rant

You have just made a big mistake. (In my humble opinion of course)You are worrying so much about what others do in the gym that you have taken the time to type this. When in the gym you should only focus on your workout and on what you are doing. Everyone else should become out of focus. Time should be suspended and space warped as you pump out the reps and heave some heavy metal poundages. The only time you should be tempted to loose focus is when a couple of young hotties just can’t stop looking in your direction - this makes you lift with further furry. Ask yourself this: Why would you worry about this guy? Is he a threat to you? Does he make you look bad? Are the girls more interested in him than you? What’s the real reason behind this post?

yo man im 6’5 250 and i sport 16 inch arms so watch out!

P22 Uhmmm I think I’d rather lift their furries further instead…

I never worry about what someone elses doing. The world if full of idiots and life is very short.

He might be doing anything that day! He might just be doing some light recovery sets. And at 6’3" 185lb he can’t be that big even if low bf. (I’m 190lb and 4" shorter and i consider myself a midget)

Now there is a guy at the gym I go to who is quite big. About 260lb 6’ and single digit BF with an all-year tan. He seems to do a few light sets and nothing else except gas on his mobile. But do I let that bother me? I don’t care if he’s on 3g of test a week along as he doesn’t interfere with my training. (But I admit I am curious why he comes to the gym cause he must be doing his real training elsewhere??)

I think I will make this my new motto…

“I never worry about what someone else is doing. The world is full of idiots and life is very short.”

Thanks Spook!

I would have agreed with Spook and P22 if I hadn’t had some jackass crawl into through the side of the squatrack on his hands and knees, grab a bar pad from the other side then crawl back out to do one set of calf exercises on the Smith machine - while I was in the rack preparing for a set!

I don’t dwell on idiots, but sometimes you just need to vent.

I agree focus on your own training and don’t worry about what others are doing in the gym. Everyone has their own agenda whether it the right or wrong way.

heh… Actually i noticed what he was doing while i was gased from a 20 rep set of speed deads. Wasn’t like i was letting it interupt my training, for sure not. When the test runs a little high i tend to like to vent in a more contructive way than just throwing a DB at him. I just thought you guys might have similar stories to share or wanna vent yourselves.

another thing is not to assume. This guy could have a bad case of acne and NOT be on roids at all. It is really hard to tell who is and who is not unless somebody comes out and tells you. Yes I know there are SOME indications but they are just assumption and when people assume it makes an ass out of u and me.

Yeah i could be totally wrong. But im pretty positive he is on. I’ve seen a few dudes on here and there.

Warhorse. lmao

Well I’ll tell a story that just happened Monday. Me and my training partner were at the gym working out. And in comes this guy that we both know. He’s about 5 ft 6", white with shaved head, doesn’t have an outstanding build, but walks around like he does (if you know what I mean). Anyway I for one have reasons not to like him because last year he asked me to do this gig for him as a favour which was all the way across the city. It was a social that his buddy was putting on in a bar. I showed up, I was suppose to be the last guy on - the main event but first off their behind their schedule -I got there in time for my show time and the first guy hadn’t even gone on yet. So I decided to wait - I mine as well since I drove a long way to get there. Well It turns out they didn’t make enough money to their liking at the gate so when it comes my turn to go on they come and tell me that my show is cancelled. Needless to say I was PISSED! I for one have reasons not to like this guy. My buddy however just doesn’t like him because of the way he walks around and acts. On top of this he’s wearing one of those tight USA PERFECTO tanks. Its black and his gut is clearly protruding. So my buddy who is “Mr Charisma” who everybody likes wants me (the more blunt one) to go up to him and tell him that I don’t think He should be wearing that tank in the gym! Can you believe this! So he expects me to be “Mr. ASSHOLE” and go up and say this shit. I thought that was really stupid and wouldn’t have nothing to do with that- I told him “can’t you just focus on our workout and never mind about him?” So anyway a little while latter the guy is working out with his buddies and is trying to bench 5 plates aside on one of those Lever strength benches. He could barely budge the weight an inch. This I could not resist: So I went over there with my buddy in tow and told one of the guys that was taking off the plates to leave them on. I get down under the weight and start cranking out reps effortlessly while telling the guy what’s the matter John is this too heavy for you? Eh? Well I guess I was an ass but to that guy I didn’t really care

Warhorse: He probably needed the bar pad more than you.

P22: Yeah its fun to make a guy look like a jackass every now and then in front of his friends. Warhorse, you didn’t say anything to the guy or stomp on his head or anything? I figure that would be a pretty great way to psyche up for a lift(boot stomping some weak bastards head into the mat).

LOL. Good story P-22.

You know, there was a day when I would have done something, but now I try and view it as all these guys are in there with good intentions and trying to do the best they can.

I’m actually a pretty nice guy unless you mess with me - then I have a tendency to go postal. I can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

I don’t use a pad anyway, and it was kinda pitful watching him crawl through there like a crack addict looking for a lost rock. Another thing I keep in mind is that these yahoos are helping to keep my membership costs down.

So it was more humorous than anything. After he crawled back out of there, he holds the pad out to me and asks if I want it. I just shook my head and he did his one set with like 50lbs on the Smith. LOL

Warhorse, he was probably just trying to get a good look up your scirt. Ok I have a little story for you… I usually just put on my headphones, no partner, and blast through the lift in an hour or less. One day there were three ghetto ass looking black dudes sitting on a bench that I was walking past to do dips… I had already lost 80 lbs at this point. I caught eyes with one of them and we did that “neither of us look away thing as we walk by”. So after I walk by I turn off my mp3 player and hear that they’re laughin about something. So I walk back and said… “Excuse me fellas, you want to laugh and fuck around in here, or would you like to get back to your weak as benches.” All three bust out laughing like they were watching the Sindbad’s comedy hour. One kept yelling “Yall dont wanna see me bench!!!”. Now I don’t really know what that means… so I said, “Yes I do, in fact, I want to see you max. Then after you max, I want to throw it up for reps in your face”. Again the laughter. So the “BIG DOG” throws on 3 plates… 315… and decides to put a whopping 5 more pounds on each side. He gets under it, misses his chest by an inch, throws his dick through the ceiling, and ends up squeezing out the longest rep I have ever seen. You should have HEARD the ruckus when the bar was racked. “AIIGHT BITCH NOW ITS YOUR TURN”. So I humbly crawled under the bench, looking dejected and scared, asked for a liftoff, and when the weight came out… I yelled… HOLY FUCK THIS IS HEAVY!!! …more insane laughter. So I threw it up for ten speed reps in their face with the last one paused for 5 seconds. Didn’t say a word… just took one look at their faces and continued my lift. I had never done 335 for ten before.

what’s your max squatty?

LOL - squatty that’s an awesome story… wish I had the balls (and the strength) to say something like that!


Squatty: Sweet!