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Juicers and Lying


Lots of juicers at gyms lie about doing steroids and try to claim that they are "natural." Then if you get to know them really well, they will admit to "doing a cycle once." Next comes the admission that they did more than one cycle.

Then after awhile, someone who knows them really well tells you what you knew all along: that they are juicers and have been doing so for many years.

Has anyone else had similar experiences or is it just a freak occurence?


I never ask them. I don't care of someone is on gear or not. As long as they are working hard - good for them.


As long as they give steroids a good name, more power to them! God, I hate America! Can't a man just take 2 cc's up the ass without someone else telling him improving himself is wrong?


I really don't care, nor would I ask something like that. If I was on, the last thing I would want is everyone asking me if I "do 'roids".


People could at least be honest about it. If you are going to juice, juice, but don't lie and say that your prodigous lifts are "natural."

Why are so many juicers so full of shit? From Barry Bonds to the gym rats, they shoot shit in their asses and claim to be "natural."


because look at the negative attention that follows it. tell someone your juicing go ahead try it. they look at you different. nothing you accomplish becomes something you did. it because something you injected. its bullshit. we bust our asses off. nough said.


I have another one:

The bullshit ads that you see in supplement magazines like Flex.

You know the ones: a juiced up/GH freak who gives all of his credit to some "supplement."

The clear message is: "But this stuff and you will look like me. See the chick next to me? You will get pussy that looks like this."


There's a huge stigma attached. Why invite trouble and contraversy to gratify a stranger's curiosity? The same applied if strangers started asking me about weed in college.


this is a topic thats going to have a slippery slope for years to come. this issue will not end for a long time. people who use dont want to be affiliated with the idiots we hear about negatively by the media and our politicians.


Might be afraid of admitting that they ignored a law or two to a stranger... and I agree about the point of getting the negative reaction/response/opinion that follows any honesty on a matter like that.


i learned my lesson the hard way. i openly admited the first and last time to AAS use.


They lie cuz it's fucking illegal?

The same reason any other kind of drug user lies about using. As has been said, there's a huge stigma attached to drug use of any kind, and admitting that they use could get them in trouble (especially true with all baseball players.)


It's funny, at my gym there are guys who've juiced/are juicing, admit it freely (sometimes), and get just as much respect as any strong or well built natural lifter. It's the kids who lie about it and think they're fooling people that lose respect and get made fun of.


Yea, maybe they lie because its....illegal? Just a thought, LOL


well who gives them respect? who doesnt? every situation is different i will give almost anyone in a gym who is working hard and doesnt just lift for beach muscles respect. others are different.


I hope nobody at my gym is juicing...cos nobody looks like they are!

I would never ask, though.


It's a need-to-know basic, and any random George you run into at the gym just doesnt need to know....


The juicers I knew were pretty strainght forward about it.

How else are you going to sell the stuff?


I just started my first cycle [8weeks of test cyp]about 2 1/2 weeks ago. Last night as I'm laying with a girl I'm seeing, she asked if I juiced. I said no, and she started to tell me how bad it is and how you turn into an animal and yada yada yada. I started to tell her that if one is predisposed to certain acts than he is more than likey to have amplified effects. It's not gonna turn a fairly level headed cat into a creep. People are just generally uninformed and base their opinions on shitty media coverage.