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Juice Prices


just curious as to what people are paying for the following:
deca 200 (or 300) 10ml
eq 200 10ml
test cyp 200 10ml
anadrol 50

not looking to score some (i have an awesome hook up); i just want to compare my prices with everyone elses. i believe i'm getting great deals, but it has been awhile since i used any other supplier- so i'm just curious as to see what the going rates are now... thanks


Get together with the rest of the girls ...at the next CHURCH SOCIAL , and kick the issue around with the group , and see what you come up with ....

Food costs me more in 2 weeks than supplements do for 12-16 wks....Hell maybe even food for 1 week costs more than my supplements do for 12-16....


awwww. you are so sweet.

if you could save $100, wouldn't you want to?


If I saved a bill on my UG supplements they would basicly be free.....And If I save a bill on my non UG supplements the business selling the supplements would be doing so for free...