Juice Plus Antioxidant

Guys, I need help. This trainer has been trying to sell me some supplement called “Juice Plus” (you can find thier web site on the web). While at face value it sounds like a decent antioxidant product, I just get the feeling it doesn’t meet up to it’s claims. I need some ammo to shoot this guy down. Has anybody heard of this product, or have any ideas on how I can give him some scientific proof on why I think it’s junk? My biggest reason is that I’m not convinced that nothing is destroyed in all of the processing, and I don’t believe the research provided by the company (if it’s sponsored by the company, it’s probably not unbiased). BTW, this is a multi-level-marketting system, which right away screams SCAM to me.

I’d also like to know if such a product were to be true, how would it really compare to a good antioxidant stack like that outlined by Thomas Incledon in issue 100.

Thanks for any help guys.

You are not obligated to debate this person on the quality of his stuff. If you do not think it is something that you want/need, tell him no thanks. You don’t have to justify your choice to him. Also, I think you are right to be suspicious of the multi-level-marketing thing.

Be very wary! Juice Plus is a pyramid scheme!

Check this web site out:


I have also read that no MLM has ever been successful that has dealt with a limited product line. Amway deals with a multitude of products, and has been successful for a few people, unfortunately most still struggle in the most successful MLM. There are two billionaires who made the Forbs 400 richest who made their money through Amway. But I don’t know if these were people who started as members, or actually own the company.

Didn’t TC make fun of this stuff one time in an Atomic Dog?

My ART provider was pushing this stuff on me today. Their literature was impressive showing good results from university studies. I did not buy any, but told him I would research it and try to get unbiased opinions elsewhere. I know Dr. Berardi likes Vegegreen but not sure of his opinion on Juice Plus.

Its not that juice plus is crap, its a decent product but not the best. You’re right, alot is lost in processing and when the fiber is not intact that is always the case. I agree with amra, you don’t need to debate him on it. He obviously benefits from you picking that particular product. If you want to know what is the best company as far as those kinds of health products are and get ammo for your debate check out this site – www.healthline.cc --excellent products and info on what it takes to be an exceptional product. Reminds me of Biotest for doctors.

Lifeextension.com for some exceptional multivitamin products.