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Juice: Orange or Apple?


No grapes allowed!

Personaly I'm an apple dude... Everything else is just wrong..


What the fuck is juice!? I want some apple drink!


You ever drink too much apple juice?


White Grape for the motherfuckin' win.

Oh yes he did.


You guys are breakin' ma balls :frowning:


Concord grape juice or fresh squeezed orange juice FTW!


This is like comparing apples with oranges.

Sorry. I just couldn't resist it.




As long as it's applebeer!


I got crabs bitch! You dont know what it is!

Orange juice is my norm. But every once in a while I do get a little crazy, and the apple and I get down...


Who drank all my bitchs' brew?


I don't drink juice.


Orange-Peach-Mango Juice from Trader Joes.

If it was crack... I'd probably not be straight edge anymore.


Yup. If you're concerned with your health: Don't drink your fruit.





Floridas Natural Most Pulp OJ is pretty damn good to, You can chew it it's so thick!

If I go Apple, I go Cider. And Hard Cider rocks too. Apple Juice is just too sweet IMHO. I am from Upstate NY (apple country) so we get pretty much the best apple cider in the world round here in the fall.



If it was crack, they wouldn't sell it at Trader Joes.


Sparkling Apple Cider imo.




Mango Juice