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Juice on Law and Order

“I once saw a guy in a 'roid rage rip a steel door off its hinges. It took two shotgun blasts to bring him down.”

Those are the words of the little shrink guy on Law and Order: SVU.

So, the kid goes nuts for no reason and beats the shit out of his friend. SVU is on the case!

They go down to his gym and bust open the locker (because that’s where everyone keeps their gear, right?) OHMIGOD! Deca, and–wait for it–ANDRO!

After this revelation, we’re told that testosterone causes people to just go bat-shit insane and start beating the tar out of people. Also, both baseball and congress (for allowing DHEA to remain legal) were sending mixed messages.

Sweet jesus, when will the stupidity end?

[quote]harris447 wrote:
Sweet jesus, when will the stupidity end?

When they turn the shotguns on themselves.

I saw that episode too. That was just a freakin fiasco.
When will it end? When idiots stop believing fictional depictions that are designed to get an emotional response. Unfortunately they are idiots, and therefore it will probably never end.
Don’t get me wrong- I’m usualy prety optamistic, but not in this regard.

when the sun expands far enough out to engulf the earth in flames…

How funny! Kind of reminds me of when you watch cops and they find a couple of pounds of pot and say the street value is worth 1/2 million…some people will believe ANYTHING they see on TV. The people who watch those shows (and believe them) are of the same mentality of those who write them.

Most the people I know who use roids I?ve never seen blow up. Hell my temper is like twice as bad as there?s and I?ve never touched the stuff.

I saw that same episode(munch is a little bitch)one of my wifes shows, she had to send me out the room cause i got to hollering at the t.v. due to the stupidity of the writers. Whats sadder than that is the show “commander in chief” people believe that a women is pres. and all that does is make it that much easier for the bleeding heart liberals to try and stick one in office (hillary)cause i’ll bet most of america belives whatever the hell is on t.v.