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Juice in Jail Issues


Bitches stole my freedom again… I have to serve a 10 day jail sentence next week… Just came off a cycle and am finally normalizing… My regular TRT dose is 200mg Test cyp with .25 anastrozle eod & HCG 2x week… Should I…They allow meds but I doubt they will let me pin or pin me
A) Take 400mg right before I go in?
B) Be just take the 200 and crash day 8-10 then just blast some prop when I get out?

Also I hear the gym there sucks no weightroom so I’ll be having to eat shitty food & BW only stuff… Cardio most likely jumping jacks in my cell during lockdowns… Fuckin sucks right before pool season too


do you have any access to sustanon? normally i dislike it, but it has the decanoate ester, and would last that timeline better than cyp… maybe 500 mg the day before?


Yes I think I can get my hands on sust 250…never taken it before Im assuming 250 per ml so 2ml would do the trick?


lol, what did you do this time?

I wouldn’t worry about 10 days without test to be honest. I doubt much negative will happen.


Not so much worried about my gains or mindset I know both will suck… I was worried about sides like bacne mostly since I just came off a 12 week cycle…Im 5 weeks post cycle so sorta there…
Punched a cop and wrestled with a few others… Long time ago but now I finally have to serve my county time… Couldn’t buy my way out of this one bro :frowning:


Ah we all do stupid shit when we’ve drank too much. Punching a cop’s a good one; lucky you only got 10 days.


You didn’t happen to have any teen floating around I your system did you?? I agree 10 days shouldn’t be terrible. Good luck. Fuckin do lunges in your cell till you can’t walk. Get them quads fired up


I been to jail a few times so I actually have a decent workout routine planned…

Day 1: Lower Bod… Squats, lunges, jump squats, standing calf raises, Abs stuff… All till failure as many sets as possible during lock downs… Jumping jacks or run in place cardio during lock downs

Day 2: Upper bod… Push up variations, military feet on wall, pull ups off bunk, dips off chair, all till failure as many sets as I can do during lock downs… Cardio side to sides or burpees

Rotate every day… Eat tons of peanut butter & jerky off the commissary and trade for meat
Its not the 24hr fitt with sauna and jacuzi with milfs Im used too but it will make due


I’d probably do a big test shot before going in, but that’s just me. 10 days isn’t THAT long, but still. I’d probably do something along the lines of your original idea. I certainly don’t see any harm in it


I dunno, man. Big old eostrogen spike in prison might make you end up some dude’s prison bride


I’m so glad I clicked on this thread.


10 days is hardly enough time to explore my sexuality or convert to Islam…haha… but yea estrogen sucks maybe pop .50 anastrozle day before


oh look here he is again, lurking the steroids forum!

Just hurry up and jump on already


Yea bro the waters just fine here… Get huuuge don’t be a girly man… Its like fake tits are way better than natural tits, but everyone pretends they like natural tits just to make there small titty gf or wife feal better, but we know you want to grab giant tits… Just take your juice and be happy


well said my man

20 characters, playa


Free at last :slight_smile: Didnt loose my gainz but kinda got fat… Didnt do shit just ate junk food and played cards all day… Played a lil basketball at rec… Nobody stole my bungholes virginity… It was nice being the largest dude in the cell block…Thanks T nation