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Juice For Rehab?

I picked up the notion that steroids are sometimes used to aid in recovery and injury rehab from a different thread (full throttle).  Anybody have info on this subject.....especially as it pertains to soft tissue(ligaments/cartilage etc)?

Thanks in advance

P.S. sorry if this has been posted already...couldn't find it in the search.


I've been wondering about the use of steroids for rehab as well.

I remember years ago when Rockey Blier (famous pro-football player who played for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 1970s) criticized the NFL ban on steroids. Blier had been badly injured in Vietnam and credited steroids with rehabilitating him and enabling him to return to football.

Steroids would seem to have great potential for rehab for sports, yet this is rarely discussed.


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Can you point me in the direction for studies etc, that show this? Also, what exactly do these steroids do that assists in the rehab? Do they help tissue grow, simply strengthen muscle...what? And in what quantity/method do they need to be taken to do this?


Listen to TC's radio interview. He briefly touches on steroids for a rehab boost.


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im very interested in this as well as i had a knee surgery and my knee is still killing me.


Interestingly I've heard that cardiac patients (open heart etc...) are given test or some other type of hormone to help them recover from the brutal surgury.