Juice for Healing?

I will be getting arthroscopic shoulder surgery to correct and unstable shoulder. I play football and want to recover as fast as possible, and I know how steroids can enhance the body to recover. The docter has to tighten the ligements and I need them and the rest of my shoulder to heal strong, fast. Oh, I’m 16 years old too but my brother used before so he would make sure I would do it right. Any response on the type of steroid I should use or if at all would be appreciated.

you should not consider doing steroids this early anyway. 16 that means you are only in 10th grade. trust me, from athlete to athlete. i know how much you want to play this year. take it slow, recover, and next year you will be back better then ever. i have seen so many athletes try and come back to early, using roids and/or pain killers anything else and get hurt worst then ever.

First off you are too young to be using steroids, and all too often older brothers are not the best role models. Highly androgenic steroids such as test, dbol, drol, tren etc can actually stop collagen synthesis and slow down your healing. I know for sure that growth hormone can help alot with connective tissue injuries, but at your age you can neither afford it or should be taking it.