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Juice For Fighters?

What is the best roid to help with recovery from workouts, lower your body fat% and get you ripped and hard?

Winstrol? Anavar? Trenbolon? etc…

Are oral roids more detectable then injectables for a regular drug test? This is for a drug test at work,not an athletic organization.

Combine Test with Tren and you’ll see great results.
Also, most drug tests for work do not look for any steroids (too many different tests to cover them all). They are just looking for coke, pot, etc…

here is some detection info


Shit, if I were you I’d do some cheque drops, halotestin, tren, test…

50mcg of mibolerone (cheque drops) before each workout

40mg halo/day
750mg tren/wk
1gram of test

Do all that and I definitely wouldn’t want to piss you off…


that cycle would create one mean motherf#$@%*.