Juice Fast

In last months issue of “Mind and Muscle Power” one of the guys interviewed said that twice a year a week long juice fast is good because it cleanses your body. Has anyone tried this? Or does it really “cleanse” your body? Also, what kind of juices are recommended for a juice fast? Thanks

Anadrol is a good choice. DBol works well too.

Paul Bragg has a great book intitled “The Miracle of Fasting” in which he details a several different fasting programs from 24 hours to a week without any food whatsoever. I have done 48 hour fasts and defintely felt better afterwards. My digestion improved and food assimilation improved as well. Nevertheless, a week long juic fast is extreme to me. If you want to try fasting, try the warrior diet as detailed by Ori in a previous t-mag issue and maybe a 2 day fast when you are taking some time off from working out. Work your way up gradually over the course of a year or so. A one week juice fast is way too extreme for someone who has never fasted before.

I also would not reccommend a ONE WEEK fast,or you will lose precious muscle fast. You might want to try a 24 hr. fast and see what happens but, definitly not for a week!

I know that it is really easy to knock the idea of a fast, especially a week long fast but for myself, I think it is a very good idea. We work so hard at gaining each precious pound of muscle it’s frightening to think that you will lose it all. I would think that you could do a JUICE fast while taking a week off lifting.
It’s an unpleasant thought but a colema board would be a great addition to this. It seems gross, but if you saw what awful, hideous things lay impacted in your intestines you might consider it!

Funny joke, Pinkdink! But seriously Tim, the guy interviewed was Harvey Diamond of “Fit For Life” fame. That book was a best seller. If you are really interested then check it out. Basically, the diet is juice all morning, veg-based food in the afternoon, then proteins/veg in the evening. But a juice fast is not a fast anyway.