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Juice Fast - Shed Fat Fast


Hi all,

After much research I decided to go on a 30 day juice fast. Basically you juice plenty of fruits/veggies and drink water/herbal tea for the duration. I was hesitant of trying this since I didn't want to lose my hard earned muscles, but now that I tried it, I highly recommend it for 2-3 weeks if you want to shred quickly. I'm on day 18 right now and been feeling slow and sluggish this week so I'm dropping down to 20 days. I lost approximately 12 lbs and my muscles are stil there and more defined. I plan to do this again just before summer to bring out more definition.

Attached is my before picture, a 2 week progress pic, and a daily juice content prep. During my fast, I hit the gym lightly only a couple times, sat in in the sauna, jogged a couple times and did 1 spin class (had too much energy). First 3 days are the toughest, after that you're golden.

and please let's not get into an argument whether this 'works' or is 'good for your health' or is 'necessary' etc etc.

Typical day (as per picture):
MorningPlate - Cucumber, Apple, Ginger, Lemon, Cilantro
Lunch Plate - Carrots, Apples, Celery
Break Plate - cantalope (with Skin), cinnamon
Starbucks Passion Tea w Honey @ work (I feel SO masculine ordering this every day)
Lots of Water
At night, I'll sit at my desk and eat a pomegranate while I listen to music/podcast and relax

[edit... pic post fail.... here are the links]


Does not compute.


Ok Doc... My kind of research does not mean googling 'juice fast' and reading the top 3 advertised entries.

Hope that 'computes' a bit better for you.


Sounds like a retarded idea. Please post pic of your "hard earned muscle".


someone watch "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead" recently? does make you want to at least start juicing


You ate approximately 600 calories a day for 20 days and lost body weight?

Cool story bro.


The thing I hate the most about this is that it sounds like you didnt (or couldnt) really put any effort into the Gym. Any diet that makes me have to "go light" is not worth while IMO.

I would have added about a kg of beef a day to this plan and gone to the gym to smash fucking weights more often!


My big thing is, I don't really see a huge problem in doing something like this as sort of a kick start to cleaning up your diet and stop eating a bunch of shit, but why wouldn't you add a few hundred grams of protein powder? It would go a long way in preventing muscle loss, and you might actually be able to go to the gym and train.


yeah, and have your kidneys explode into creatine dust too


Good job man, seriously. You stuck to a plan and got some results.


you lost muscle as well, very little protein if any.....

however you did lose more fat than muscle.

if this diet works for you, that is good for you.

i wouldnt do it unless i had to do a desperate weight loss and was serverly over weight(like 100 lbs)


I did this 5 years, for religious reasons more than anything else, and it did detox my system well. I started it with a natural colon cleanse and gall bladder/kidney cleanse and felt amazing when I was done. Don't kid yourself however, this is not a muscle-retaining method for losing body fat. I supplemented with aminos, creatine, and mv/mm and still lost plenty of strength and mass after 28 days.

If you are thinking about pursuing this from a health prospective, utilizing natural juices to detox, go for it. If you are considering long term fasting on nothing but fructose for fat loss and muscle-retention (assuming you are not obese), good luck.

On a side note, post pics that are similar lighting and posing in order to compare and assess progress.


What, no green veggies? You hating on greens?

Dude, jucing is wake. If you have to do an extreme diet, go on the V-Diet.


hhahaha, this.


Your system was full of toxins before the juice fast?


Everyones body is differnt some people may lose muscle while on the Juice diet but many benefit greatly with it. You can't just say wow that's stupid no one should do it, unless you know it first hand for EVERY SITUATION


May not be much smartass, but it's enought keep my girlfriend happy and me pushing good weight.

that's one reason why I'm stopping at 20 days rather than 30.. I'm way too anxious to get back to lifting.

You're right, it is much more spiritual than I anticipated. I'm glad I did it regardless of the minor muscle loss (which according to PB Andy, isn't that much to begin with anyways). It's an excellent experience and is recommended by many for thsoe who have serious health problems.


I can see your underpants in every photo!

Please change them more often.


Wow. no meat for 20 days... I couldn't bring myself to do that voluntarily.... Results look good, but be interested to know how much you lost on key lifts.


Sounds legit if ya drop some ncaas in the juice too