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Juice Fast + EC Stack for Fat Loss?


I've been dealing with some injuries and cannot lift how I used to. Golfers elbow that hasnt improved since December and a rotator cuff issue from the Insanity Workout have made lifting hard. I can do legs ie: front squats, modified deadlifts, lunges and back squats with minor shoulder discomfort. Aside from that, its cardio, sprints, rowing machine.

I'm very discouraged to be honest but CANNOT get fat. I used to be a fat kid and will not go back there. I got into olympic lifting and at 28 5'6 155lbs at the time (2 years ago) I had a 308lb back squat and 270 front squat. So it really kills me to not be able to do any explosive type lifts.

That being said....

I watched Fat, Sick, Nearly Dead and decided to start a juice fast. I'm tapering to a full out 4 juices a day +/-

Few weeks ago I bought the supps to start an EC stack.

What is the thought about doing an EC stack while juicing?


ps. any ideas on the golfers elbow would be great too.


Elbow -
1. see a massage/ART/graston therapist
2. Thumb-less grip helped me
3. Neutral grip helped me too
4. Osteopath I see said issue was consequence of shoulder issues - fixing these helped elbows
5. Chins/pull-ups hurt, but horizontal pulling was fine for me
6. Tricep extension work was out, but pushdowns or compound tricep work was fine
7. Look into 2 handed pushdown, 1 hand to control the negative
8. Controlled reps, not loose form for biceps meant I could train them
9. Try fat bars/grips (or others)

Juice idea is bad IMO, learn to eat solid healthy food portions


I juice fasted for 7 days to help a gut problem i've been dealing with. I included 50g of BCAA a day and kept training with my strong lift 5x5 program. I don't mean to discourage you by saying it barely helped my stomach, but i sure as hell wouldn't do it to help with body comp. I lost probably 7lb, a lot of that was water, muscle and lastly fat.


What he said. Juice idea is definitely not smart, especially if you plan on doing the lifts that you are able to while on it. I would just make sure you eat right. Not being able to do certain exercises due to medial epicondylitis doesn't mean your going to get fat.