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Juggernaut Method vs 5/3/1


Didn't know where to post this since there isn't a specific forum for general strength building. What do you think about the two programs? Both are similar in the sense they take percentages of a working max and start light and work your way up. The only difference I see are the rep schemes. Juggernaut has a 10 rep phase to start things off. Just thought this would be a nice discussion to talk about. I know Juggernaut is fairly new so there may not be much to say about it.

I have done 5/3/1 with much success and did 4 phases with it before becoming lazy due to reffing. I got back into the swing of lifting by doing Rip's SS program and have a pretty decent base on my lifts and looking to improve them. Will be starting Juggernaut next week. Not going to keep a log on here because I've tried before and just didn't feel like retyping all my stats on here but if anyone is interested, I'll put in my two cents on the program. Anywho, did heavy squats (255x3 is heavy for me, please don't laugh)yesterday before reffing for 3 hours. Not exactly the best idea.

In case you're wondering, goals right now are 315lb squat and deads, 225lb bench, and 165lb OHP. As of this week, I'm at 255x3 squats, 295x2 deads, and 215x2 bench, and 135x6 OHP. I've come a long way to getting to those lifts and am excited to be closing in on those goals.

Have a good friday and hope you all hit some PR's before the weekend starts!


I've never heard of Juggernaut, but for the most part it doesn't matter what program you do. As long as you work hard and consistently get the work in [3-5 days], then you will be successful. You cannot be lazy, as you described yourself, and expect anything short of mediocre.


Yeah, I've just been telling myself that people out there have it worse than me and still find a way to get to the gym and lift hard.


Fact. Check out Alpha's training log. Full of win. The guy travels around the world fighting terrorists, has insomnia, and very strong.