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Juggernaut Method / 531 Log


Been doing 5/3/1 for about 18 months now. Overall the best gains have been on DL and Overhead press, slow on the press but that's the nature of the lift. Bench only worked for a short time so I have been trying out new stuff with that, kind of liking the floor press as a main lift now but may switch back to regular or close grip in the near future. I mainly wanted to start the Juggernaut method (will call it TJM from now on) on Squats but needed to reset max on overhead press again so decided to give it a try there also. Recently also started alternating DL and Squat weeks so I run those for 6 weeks total do complete one 3 week cycle.

5/3/1: Bench and DL
TJM: Squat and OHP

The Program

Upper Body:
- Week 1-3 Floor press 5/3/1 as main lift + assistance
- Week 1-3 TJM Overhead press
- Week 4-6 Pin Press 5/3/1 as main lift + assistance, may change main lift soon
- Week 4-6 TJM Overhead press
- Deload 7th week
- So 2 back to back cycles, seems to work okay without deload in-between, If it became a problem I think I could modify stuff to make it work.

Lower Body:
- Week 1: TJM Squat + DL variation as assistance
- Week 2: 5/3/1 DL + Squat variation as assistance
- Repeat for weeks 3-6
- Deload 7th
- Dynamic day each week with Speed DL or box jump + misc assistance lifts. If I needed more recovery this could turn into just a Speed + GPP type day.

- Try to dedicate 1 day a week for this, sick last month and traveled so missed quite a few recently. Better during summer.

Short Term Goals:
- DL 495 and 405x10
- OHP Any positive gains are fine after completing TJM, as long as it doesn't go down.
- Floor Press 315
- Squat 365 or 315 for some reps.

EDIT: 4/21/11 Not doing the above split, main lifts still continuing and assistance was going to change anyway

New plan, Basic Push/Legs/Pull split.

Push: Bench or OHP + tricep/shoulder/chest assistance
Legs: Squat or DL + Legs/lower back/Abs
Pull: Pullup or BB Row + related assistance and even some curls

For each day I will alternate the main lift I start out with, so Bench first then 5-6 days later OHP first, assistance will be about the same. Doing each workout 6 times before a deload, so each main lift will get hit 3 times allowing me to follow the juggernaut method for some of them.


Week 1 Floor Press

Never log warm-ups but I pretty much do 6-8 or so for the first lift and probably 1 for the 2nd and none for the rest.

Floor Press 235x5
Dumbell Press 80x(10x3/8/6). Trying to get up to a set of 20 here with various rep schemes. New approach next week I think.
Dumbell Row 75x10x5
CloseGrip Bench 140x10/10/15

Weight goes up on everything except DB Press next week, probably will just log the 2/3rd week together from now on.


Week 1 Squat

Low numbers today but that was the plan, TJM turned out to be harder than I thought especially for the first day since its 50 reps while 5/3/1 is just 1 hard set usually less than 10 reps.

Squat (185x10)x5. Easy until about set 4
Deficit Deadlift 195x8x3. Would have been easy if it weren't for the squats.


I will be following this log.

I just read an article today that outlined the Juggernaut Method, it definitely looks like something I would be willing to give a shot.


Yep it seems pretty good so far, little different than what I've been doing which is probably a good thing. I was thinking it would be good for all my lifts except DL but I might give that a try too in a few months.

Week 1 OHP

OHP: 95x10x4 + 95x12
Pullups: Between 30-40, went to a different gym where its harder to do pullups, I did them in like 4 different places, after the first few sets it was getting harder and I lost count with a bunch of low rep sets.
Incline DB Press: 50x10x5

Going to look into a better progression for pullups for the next 5 weeks.
Incline DB goes up to 55 for next 4.


Week 1 DE Lower

Except for the first lift the rest is kind of in order but I randomly super set those. Nothing is too difficult where I need to rest much in-between. No program here just stuff I made up.

Speed DL: 245x2x8
Split Squats: Never did this before, just did some sets mostly to get a feel for them and if they would make me sore like lunges. They didn't so I will go harder next time.
Calf Raises: No standing calf at my gym, did a bunch of BW reps on platforms, I usually do those or seated.
Front Squat Hold: Never did this before either, worked up to 315 for 12 seconds. Don't know how to tell if it worked...
Leg Extensions: 60x12x3

Cardio Next day

10min Treadmill run (trying to up speed on this each time)
BB Complexes
Incline Treadmill sprints.


Week 1 DL (Actually week 2 since I do these weeks 2/4/6)

DL: 375x10, really hard only tied PR, reps match up to where I want to be the next 2 weeks though.

Box Squat: Only tried these once a long time ago, worked up to 225x5, was going to keep going but instead...
Quarter Squats: Worked up to 365x10, I know lame but I've heard they can help DL. Probably 385/405 the next 2 weeks.
Ab Machine: Lowered by 20lbs and did 20x2 instead of my usual 15


Week 2 DE Lower

Starting to rethink the purpose of this day and a possible new workout routine, won't change anything for a few months though. I do want to keep the box jumps and speed DLs but not sure when to do them if I got rid of this day.

Box Jump: 10x2
Calf Raises: Seated for about 15 reps each
Abs: Leg Raises 15 reps
RDL: 105x10x5 Low weight but I just started doing them
Leg Curls: 70x10x3


I would have commented on the log earlier but I was a bit put off by the combo of programming you've got going on. Any reason why you don't just pick WSBB 531 or TJM instead of combining them?


I kind of agree, except for the 1 dynamic day its not that much of combo programming, 531/TJM are pretty compatible as long as each lift is doing 1 or the other the entire time. I will actually stop logging the dynamic day, might just mix in the speed work with cardio or something which is boring to log anyway. I have time to think about it but my long term plan so far is this.

Think I am done with 5/3/1 for a while I've been doing it for too long. Also staying away from WSBB, haven't heard much good about it in regards to raw lifting.


Ok man, just thoguht I'd ask :). Good luck


Week 2 Bench

Floor Press 260x3
Dumbell Press 80x22 with some 30s rest in-between reps, rests almost did not help at all and last set was 3 reps so I stopped. Last max was 18 reps with no rests so only 4 extra with resting.
Dumbell Row 80x10/10/12
CloseGrip Bench 145x10/10/15

Week 3 Bench

Floor Press 300x0x2, did 295 last month but failed twice today on 300.
Dumbell Press 80x15, just doing 1 set not to failure for next few weeks
Dumbell Row 80x10x5
Closegrip Bench 150x10/10/15


Week 2 OHP

OHP: 105x10/10/10
Pullups: BWx6/5/4/3 20x2 25x2
Incline DB Press: 55x10/10/15

Week 3 OHP
OHP: 115x12
Pullups: BWx6/5/4/3 25x2 30x2
Incline DB Press: 55x10x5

Wasn't planning on increasing it but new OHP training max will be 4/159 next cycle. Yes weird I'm doing 159 but the percentages work out better so each week is 10lbs, with 160 the last week is 15 from the previous.


Week 4 Bench

Pin Press: 285x5
DB Press: 80x16
DB Row: 80x10/10/13
Superset: Lat Raises/Flys/Reverse Flys


Week 2 Squat

Squat: 205x10x3
Deficit Deadlift: 205x8x3
Front Squat Holds: 325 for 15 seconds

Week 2 DL

Warmed up with Squats for 135, always going to do this from now on
DL: 400x8 and goal for today (5lbs and 2 reps short of my short term goal)
Quarter Squat: worked up to 385x8
Felt good and left without doing abs, doing RDL and Leg Curls some other stuff on another day as accessory to this day.


Week 4 OHP, first day of 8's cycle of TJM

OHP: 105x8x5
Pullup: BW x 7/6/5/4/3 and 25x2 / 35x2
Incline DB Press: 55x10/10/15

Really simple but this seems to be working out well. Keeping pullups exactly the same next 2 workouts


Week 5 Bench

Pin Press: 300x3
DB Press: 80x18
DB Row: 80x10x4
Superset: Lat Raises/Flys/Reverse Flys x 10s

Week 6 Bench

Pin Press: 325x1
DB Press: 80x20
DB Row: 85x10x3
Superset: Lat Raises/Flys/Reverse Flys x 10s

Almost time for deload and new program adjustments.


Week 3 Squat

Squat: 225x14
Deficit Deadlift: 215x8x3
Ab machine for 20 reps

Week 3 DL

First time ever all squat racks were in use for more than 5 minutes. Did squat warm-ups on a barbell guided machine which allows movement forward and back unlike a smith machine, good enough for warmup.

DL: 425x4 horrible and probably a technique issue since I felt strong enough to keep going.
Front Squat: Worked up to 265x1, hard since I don't ever do this.
Possibly some sets of abs but I don't remember.

Doing more assistance on last day before deload which is primarily RDLs and abs for high reps. This is also my last day of doing 5/3/1 for deadlift, I'm switching to singles only next cycle to get in some heavier weight.


Week 5 OHP

OHP: 115x8x3
Pullup: BW x 7/6/5/4/3 and 25x2 / 35x2
Incline DB Press: 55x10x5

Week 6 OHP

OHP: 125x9
Pullup: BW x 7/6/5/4/3 and 25 x 3
Incline DB Press: 60x10x3
In a hurry so last 2 were kind of super sets with not much rest in-between. Pullups getting easier, probably start at 8 sometime next cycle.

1 more workout that is not getting logged then deload week. Officially done with 5/3/1, keeping TJM for 2 lifts which seems to be working out very well. Next cycle will have complete new body part split but still based around the main lifts which are not changing.


Basic overview of next cycles workouts with main lift, have not decided on accessory lifts yet but they aren't too important, this is a new split so I might change accessory around a bit depending on how the first days go.

3 day split over 4 days a week, 5 if i really feel up to it.

Push 1: Floor Press, 5/3/1 reps with high rep DB Bench press back off set.
Legs 1: Squat, TJM, on 8's this time
Pull 1: BB Row, was debating this but going to try TJM on this, starting at 10s this cycle and probably will stop before 3s.
Push 2: OHP, TJM, on 5's
Legs 2: Deadlift, singles only back off set for 8 reps
Pull 2: Pullups, Starting at AMRAP then working down to weighted for low reps

Repeat above 2 more times

Total time a little over 5 weeks including deload.