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Juggernaut Method 2.0 Training Log

This is my first time doing an online log and following a legit program. My lifts became stagnant so I decided to give the Juggernaut Method. I will keep you all updated as far as my training goes.

Current body weight 185

Here are my current maxes

Bench Press 350

Squat 455

Deadlift 450

OH Press 135

Day (1) Bench Day (Flat Bench)

10 sets of 5 @ 190 LBS

Dumbbell floor press 5 sets of 15 70LB DUMBBELLS

Face pulls 5 sets of 12

Tricep Cable OH Ext- 4 sets of 10

Tricep Band Pressdowns 5 sets of 25

AB Wheel 4 sets of 15

Day 2 Squat Day

Warmup- 3x3 box jumps with 30 seconds of rest between sets, 3 sets of 10 oh squats holding a pvc pipe and 1 set of 10 walking lunges.

10 sets of 5 at 245LB Squat

5 sets of 15 band hamstring curls

5 sets of 10 hyper extensions holding onto a 35lb plate

4 sets of 40 yard bodyweight lunges with your hands placed behind your head

4 sets of 15 leg raises

Day (3) OH Press Day

Warmup- 3 sets of 10 pushups, 3 sets of 10 arm circles, 3 sets of 10 band rotater external rotations

OH Press 10 sets of 5 @ 65 LBS

Incline Dumbbell Press 35LBS 4 sets of 15

Bodyweight dips 4 sets of 12

Chest Supported Row 3 sets of 12

Band Pull Aparts 3 sets of 12

Bicep Hammer curls 2 sets to failure

Seated abs 4 sets of 25

Day (4) Deadlifts

Warmup 3x3 Box Deadlifts with 30 seconds of rest, 2 sets of 10 walking lunges, 3 sets of 10 air squats.

Deadlifts 10 sets of 5 at 250LBS

Deficit Paused deadlifts 135LBS 3 sets of 3

Shrugs 225 4 sets of 12

Lying Hamstring Curls 2 sets of 25 (Isolated 1 leg at a time)

Hacksquats 2 sets of 15 at 90lbs

Decline situps 2 sets of 25

Week 2 (day 1)

Bench day

7 sets of 5 at 210LBS and 1 sets of 13 at 210lbs

2 sets of 8 reps ultra wide grip bench with 185lbs… Paused each rep

Tricep OH Cable exts 4 sets of 15

45LB Plate Raises 3 sets of 15

Tricep Pushdowns 4 sets of 25

Band Facepulls 4 sets of 15

Band Bicep curls 2 sets to failure

Ab Wheel 3 sets of 15

Total gym time 1hr 15 mins

You do know that there’s a section specifically for training logs, right? This section typically is for posting up questions or brag vids.


No, I did not know that. Thank you for informing me. I’m fairly new on this site.

You’re welcome.

Here’s the link for the training logs. Best of luck with Juggernaut. I ran the first program a year or so ago.



Did you have good results with the Juggernaut? I have been trying to find a good program since my results have become stagnant.

It was OK. I really didn’t get much out of the 10s and 8s phase. I really, really like high volume doubles and triples because I find that my form stays solid through those reps where on 10’s it doesn’t. That was the same problem that I had with 5/3/1.


You can ask a mod to move this thread to training logs if you want, I don’t imagine it would be a problem. If you’re interested in my results w Juggernaut, I copied this from an older thread on Juggernaut:

Juggernaut experience (short version)

Lifts from late March:
Bench 335x1
Squat 575x1
Press 195x5
Deadlift 485x4

Last week of TJM:
Bench 320x5
Squat 475x8
Press 195x9
Deadlift 470x0

My thoughts a bit more in-depth.

Bench - The 335 at the beginning was easy, and that was after not training bench for 3-4 months. My all-time bench PR is 365, so there was bound to be some initial gains. That said, right around the time I benched 365, I also did 315x6, and I was thisclose to locking out my sixth rep on the 320. So my rep strength is just about at an all-time strongest, and when I test 1RM a week or two later, I got 370.

Squat - 575 was done at the end of two months of work w the Safety Squat Bar. I may?ve been good for 585. All-time best two years ago was, I think, 585x2. Stood up w 600 for a double, but the video looked high. So I was happy w my starting strength, not sure how I feel about 475x8. It’s technically a PR (never had an 8RM before) and probably close to as strong as I’ve ever been, but I’m not sure. I’ve done 400x20 and 525x4, but don’t have rep records any closer to 8 reps. What I’m mostly annoyed about is that reps don’t necessarily carry over to 1RM for me, so I dunno if I’m stronger or what.

Press - this is the lift I’m happiest about. It’s a clear progression, same amount of weight, more reps. I’ve made great progress in this lift over the last year or so, and hope to continue that.

Deadlift - Pretty certain I twisted something in my back in the week leading up to this. Nothing hurt, but that is an all-time WTF moment for me. I’m still not happy w the DL results on TJM though, as the end of the previous month I’d done 445x7. Nothing special, as my 485x4 in March was done AFTER squatting and leaving 1-2 reps in the tank. So I’m pissed, the lift I needed the most improvement on, pffffft. Furthermore, I don’t think getting hurt was coincidence: I think the amount of lower body volume left me susceptible to injury.

Thoughts on the Juggernaut method in general:

Overall, I would say that TJM works, but there are other programs I’d recommend first. I understand that Chad is part-owner of a sports performance gym, so I can see why he does what he does. With athletes, 1RM strength is not as important as simply getting them lifting, and TJM is a simple program to follow. I do think it’s better suited to newer lifters with a younger training age.

If I were going to do this program again, I would change my PREP for the program (since I hate it when people change training programs. Then it’s not the coach/lifter’s program - it’s your own.) The changes I would make would be to focus on conditioning for 3 weeks or so prior to the start. Lots of sled dragging, high rep accessory stuff, and I would probably start 1 week w 2x10 on the main lifts, next week 3x10, then 4x10 and then start week 1 of the 10’s wave w the 5x10. Also, I might test my 3-5RM just to compare apples to apples. That’s if you’re interested in evaluating the program, if you have certain goals that you wish to improve on, by all means, test the goals.

That said, there’s too much emphasis on volume, and I’m now going to have to peak my lifts for a 1RM test, since I never actually touched heavy weight for most of the cycle. I would consider using the program again for upper body lifts, but not for lower body. There is a tremendous difference between pulling in a fatigued state, as after 4x10 or 6x3, and knowing how to strain w a heavy single.

I believe that the proof of this is in the pudding, as Wendler actually uses 5/3/1, whereas Chad has Josh Bryant program his Bench and DL training for him

Good things about TJM/Mitigating factors:
To begin with, I’m much happier with TJM than I was at this time last month. At the end of my 5’s Wave I did
Bench 295x8
Squat 445x8
Press 185x8
DL 445x7

So whatever the difference between the 5’s and the 3’s Wave, there may be some delayed supercompensation or something happening there. Or it could be due to the 5-8 lbs I gained in the last month and/or my use of stimulants prior to each of my last 4 sessions (not something I normally use)

I should also say that I, and other people, noticed increased size/muscularity on me at the end of the 10’s Wave or early to middle of the 8’s Wave. An added bonus, although not surprising with the volume.

Thank you for your detailed post. May I ask you what programs you would recommend? I was thinking that I might try the 5/3/1 program after this and compare my final results and see what added to the most to my main lifts. I like the concept of this program since I am doing the inverted method. The inverted method is instead of doing 5 sets of 10 you do 10 sets of 5 and you do 8 sets of 5 in the 8s.

Overall, I seem to be pretty impressed with how much this routine wears me down by the time I am finished with my training session. I am training for strength. I have heard from many people that 5/3/1 is more targeted toward powerlifting than the Juggernaut. I have heard many people say the Juggernaut Method is more targeted toward training athletes for sports. The only sport I’m training for is powerlifting so I may need a better program.

Any advice on a good program would be much appreciated for future use!


What programs have you already used? That will make a difference. 531 is a great program, I would recommend that before TJM. If you’re completely new you may want to look into starting strength, some of Bill Starr’s stuff, or even just straight western periodization. If you have any crew around you training conjugated periodization/Westside, many people have had success w that.

My only word of advice on that is to choose exercises targeted to YOUR weaknesses. I did programs drawn up by Dave Tate in The Eight Keys and Big Bad Bench that were more intended for someone whose weakpoint was lockout rather than off the chest.

I have only used Westside Barbell’s Conjugate Template. I have never had a chance to really properly utilize all Westsides information. In my opinion, Westside Barbell would have to be the best option as far as strength training goes. I was just curious what you and others have had good luck with?

Sort of off topic but is it necessary to have fractional/micro plates when calculating new working maxes especially with upper lifts?