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Juggernaut Method 2.0 Sprint Volume?

Hello, I’m currently running the juggernaut method 2.0. It says that sprinting volume in a session should not exceed 200m. But many example sessions he gives in the book exceed this. For example, one of his examples is 3x6x30yds sprints. That’s a total of 540yards of work. Am I reading the sets and reps wrong? Thanks for anyone who can help.

are you sure he means 200m total and not 200m in a single sprint?

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Yes I’m sure. Here are his words exactly: “Sprint training for the non-track athlete should consist of sprints between 10-50m, and should not exceed 200m of total volume per session.”

How do you do 3x6 on sprints? Was it not 3-6x…

200m total volume, distances of 10-50m. Eg 6x30(ish)m.
Recovery per rep of something like 1 minute per 10m run. So 3 mins for a 30m run. This session works the max V range.

3x6x30 is a speed endurance session.
Works the speed endurance range. Endurance : hence the higher volume.

Lucasmon, it’s not 3-6. I believe what he means by 3x6x30 is, 3 sets of 6 30yd sprints.

Doddfrank, yeah I agree that that is speed endurance. I’m just gonna follow his guidelines of staying under 200m of total volume. Because this is supposed to be max speed work.