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Juggernaut Method 2.0 Rest Times?

So I have been running the regular, NOT INVERTED, juggernaut method for 6 weeks, but realize now that I have been utilizing the chart with inverted method rest times. But, I cannot find anywhere what the prescribed rest times are for the different waves and phase cycles. Does anyone know what the rest times are supposed to be for running J2.0?

Thank you!

The inverted thing is a cluster set format so it would make sense to keep rest periods short, for the normal version it probably doesn’t matter too much, rest as long as necessary. That’s probably why it isn’t written anywhere.

I saw a video of CWS where he was talking about rest periods. He said basically no more than you’d expect between attempts in a powerlifting meet, but no less than the time to fully recover to get quality sets in. He also said main thing is to be consistent and don’t do 5 minute rest 1 days 3 minute another and 8 minutes the next. I don’t know that there’s specific rest protocols programmed into that particular version. JTS is typically programmed more specific to the lifter so I’d think that’s an element that’d be specific to the lifter.

Around 15 minutes? Seems a bit long.

He actually used 12 minutes as a time I believe. Also said upper end is for heavy singles in peaking phase. I should have put that in there as well

I’ll re watch it to be more exact. I’d just link but would be pulled down. What I posted was the general over view

You can post youtube videos here

This is the video. I was pretty close.

Hypertrophy blocks 2-4 minutes

Strength 3-6 minutes

Peak he says 8-12. I don’t need 8 minutes to recover from a single personally but I’m not pulling 700+ either

So what would all this mean for the sets in the 10s and 8s waves? To me it’s silly to think they can be up to the lifter. Doing a set of 10 with a 3 minute rest before the next set vs 1 minute between sets are two totally different workouts.

Just rest until you are ready to do another set. If it takes 5 minutes or 10 minutes it really doesn’t matter, you aren’t doing sets of 8 or 10 in a meet anyway. Having the same recommendations across the board doesn’t really make sense anyway since a guy squatting 600x8 is going to need more rest to do another hard set than someone squatting 225x8. Mike Israetel (who is Chad’s friend and they wrote a book together on training) said a while back on facebook the exact same that I said above, rest until you are ready for the next set.

Most programs that I have seen don’t give specific guidelines for rest periods, the main exception being when there are cluster sets. If your workout take 4 hours you are probably resting too long, if performance drops significantly on each set then you probably aren’t resting long enough. Overthinking stuff like this will get you nowhere.

In the video he says if you can perform the sets with slightly more weight with a little longer rest then do that. 8-10 would fall in hypertrophy work (depending on the weights and sets.) to me I think 1 minute rest when doing large movements for powerlifting isn’t the best way. It will effect sets as fatigue sets in. That’s me again some may disagree that’s fine. If you’re wanting to pound technique and perfect it it’s hard to do when half your sets you are grinding them creating more metabolic stress.

He gives ranges based on how advanced a person is and their fitness level. A guy doing 5x10 squats with 500 would most likely need more rest than the guy doing 5x10 at 250. I’d say set rest at a time that doesn’t effect technique, you can complete all the volume and keep it consistent. If its 2 min rest keep it there. If you go with 4 then keep it there. I’m currently running jts program. The volume blocks build so don’t be to anxious to dig a hole. I rest around 4 minutes on squats and deads and 2 on bench because that’s what I personally find works for me.

You were typing it already but basically what I said

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Keep in mind that rest times are very relative and also indicative of your current conditioning. Also indicative of your current tendency
towards bullshitting with other lifters.

That all makes a lot of sense yes. It is funny because I’ve been doing sets of 10s and 8s with a couple hundred pounds and resting a minute in between sets. And as insane as it is. I’ve actually managed to do it. So I’m baffled that just thinking this is what is prescribed has made me attain strength I didn’t know I had. So with sets of 10 in the low 200s, any recommendations in rest time?