Juggernaut Method 2.0, HS Lacrosse Player

Hello, my name is Bobby. I am a defenseman and lacrosse, 15 years old(soon 16), and a sophomore. I will be running the juggernaut method 2.0 to increase strength, size, speed, and conditioning. I plan to run it every other day, but as the fall season pick up, this may have to decrease a little bit. Basically, I’m gonna get a workout in whenever I can. I will also be logging my sport specific drills. Below are my lifts and there training maxes. These are based off what done within the last 2 Weeks:

Bench Press: 185x1. Training Max: 170
Box Squat: 295x7. Training Max: 325
Overhead Press: 100x5. Training Max: 110
Trap Bar DL(Low Handle): 375x5. Training Max: 380

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