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Juggernaut 2.0 Program, Waves?

So like the headline says: I didn’t really know, where to put this topic - So I’d choose this forum.

Is anyone familiar with the Juggernaut 2.0 program?

I understand that there’s 3 phases and 4 waves of:
10s - 8s - 5s - 3s

  • Accumulation: The beginning of the each training wave. usually 10 reps 5 sets at 60%.
  • Intensification: Increasing volume. (according to the Juggernaut 2.0, you’re going to do 5x55% - 5x65,5% - 3x10x67,5%)
  • Realization: ''The realization phase is when the gains of the past wave come to fruition in one set of maximal reps. ( according to the Juggernaut 2.0; 5x50% - 3x60% - 1x70% and AMAPx75%.)

This is only the 10s wave … And then you have some other reps and set in the 8s wave.

My question is; Am I supposed to do ALL 4 waves in one workout? Or should I look at it as; 10s wave - doing that in… lets say 1 month? And then move to the 8s waves while increasing volume?

I can’t really see, if it’s elaborated someone in the book.

Hope anyone can help me out.

It goes like this:

Week 1: 10s - Accumulation
Week 2: 10s - Intensification
Week 3: 10s - Realisation
Week 4: Deload
Week 5: 8s - Accumulation
Week 6: 8s - Intensification
Week 7: 8s - Realisation
Week 8: Deload
Week 9: 5s - Accumulation
Week 10: 5s - Intensification
Week 11: 5s - Realisation
Week 12: Deload
Week 13: 3s - Accumulation
Week 14: 3s - Intensification
Week 15: 3s - Realisation
Week 16: Deload

Then go back to the start. Take the deloads - they are really needed.

You may also swap the 5s and 8s block around and you may invert the reps in the 10s and 8s waves. Eg 10x5 in week 1 of 10s instead of 5x10.

Make sure you understand how to increase the weight, especially how not to be too aggressive with the TM.

Thanks for the answer man!

Just so we’re clear… When you type; 10x5 - you mean 10 reps 5 sets.

Also another question - if you would be so kind:

Thinking of going; Bench/dead and Squat/military Press… Then go 10x5 squat and use Wendlers 531 on military press. The next Squat/military day I would switch these two. Or should I just go 10x5 on everything?


The program is 5 sets of 10 reps (for the first week) but you have the option of doing 10 sets of 5 reps if you prefer that layout.

Chad only really prescibes 5/3/1 for supplemental lifts and keeps the juggernaut scheme for the main movements. Probably best to stick with that.