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Juggernaught MD2 (ErgoMax LMG)

I plan on starting a course of Juggernaught MD2 (An Ergomax LMG clone), does anyone have any experience with this supplement? What should I stack it with? I have the following:

Zinc to reduce DHT
Milk thistle for liver protection
Nolva to block estrogen receptors
Hawthorne Berry to lower blood pressure

I plan on taking 40mg of MD2 per day, and only stacking it with nolva should I feel the onset symptoms of gyno. I will then use nolva for my PCT. How would I taper down with MD2?

Some info would be appreciated :slight_smile:

There is a separate forum for supplements.

This isn’t a supplement per se, it’s a designer steroid which turns to test in the body.

That’s no steroid, guy.

I can’t find a single legitimate documentation stating that its main ingredient in any way “turns” into testosterone.

That was very well handled, Contrl.

Prisoner would be proud.

It’s a 12 step program. Alcoholism is 2-11, so I just skip straight to acceptance.