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Judo Weight Training?

What are some good set/rep ranges to use in order to gain strength without to much extra size (I know that its accepted that anyhwere between 1-5 reps at 80%-100% of your 1RM works) I am wondering what combinations of this worked for other people?

I will be doing a split routine with lower body on monday and upper body on wensday with the rest of the week dedicated to conditioning/endurance.

3x3,3x5,6x3,10x1, ect. Keep the total number of reps under 20 if you don’t what to gain weight(or just watch what you eat), and normally work with maximal weights.

Also if I use different set/rep standard do I keep rest time the same? (i.e rest 60 sec between sets wether i’m doing 10x1 or 3x5)

Sorry for the newbieness of that question if I missed the article were it talks about that some slap me :slight_smile: