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Judo Practice and 5/3/1

I am planning to join Judo dojo in the next few weeks. What is the best way to organize training. I came across Jim’s suggestion for a boxer: Beyond 5/3/1 Joker + FSL

"Friday: Bench/squat
Saturday: Recovery/Movement
Sunday: Dead/Press
Tuesday: Boxing
Wednesday: Recovery/Movement
Thursday: Boxing

No Jokers, Limited FSL (3x5), superset main work with assistance (bodyweight).

100% chance this will work."

It seems that there are only two possibilities to work around the class schedule. Which schedule would be the best for recovery? Thanks.

Version 1:

Version 2:

I would probably choose the first - and then evaluate.

Thanks, Jim! What would be a good way to add front squats to this program without completely messing it up?

Just take out the squats and do front squats in it’s place.

Thanks, I’ll try that for a few cycles and see how it goes.

If I want to add an additional day of judo practice, is this a good way to do it:

Lift in the morning and have judo practice in the evening. No FSL on that day.

Wed: Judo
Th: Recovery/Movement
Fri: Judo
Sat: Bench + FSL 3x5 / Front Squat + FSL 3x5
Sun: Recovery/Movement
Mon: Dead/Press (MORNING) Judo (EVENING)
Tue: Recovery/Movement

Always interesting to read how folks are making training work with 5/3/1.

Here’s what i’ve been doing this year (I train jiu-jitsu rather than judo):

Sunday: off
Monday: squat + bench
Tuesday: cardio (am) / BJJ (pm)
Wednesday: OHP + deadlift
Thursday: cardio (am) / BJJ (pm)
Friday: off
Saturday: cardio or BJJ (am)

Cardio sessions on Tue/Thu are moderate to light compared to a Saturday session.

Just another data point for you. I run 5/3/1 and practice Judo. A 4-day split has worked well for me. Generally, it looks like:

Mon Squat…Judo
Tuesday BenchPress…Judo
Wed Assistance…Judo
Thurs OHP…Judo
Friday Deadlift…Judo
Sat Rest or Very light assistance…Judo
Sun Rest

Unfortunately, I am not able to split the weight training sessions, ie: am/pm, from the Judo sessions so lift the hour prior to practice.

That is very interesting approach to training. I assume you are in pretty decent shape to tolerate that much judo practice and weight training combined.

I also assume you are not adding supplementary volume to the main lifts. I was thinking of doing something similar but with far less judo practice per week and only 3 main lifts. Replace bench press with BW exercises like push ups and dips on Sunday.

Mon…SQ - Judo
Wed…Press (superset with pull assistance work) - Judo
Fri…DL - Judo
Sun…Assistance (Pullups, pushups, dips)

I’ve been able to make it work for me but it may not be the best approach. A couple of quick points that might be helpful to you. Once again this has just been my experience with the program and my training frequency.

Initially, I did try to run it the way Mr. Wendler suggested it for the boxer but I found that Bench/Squat…Deadlift/Press on the same day was negatively impacting my Judo session that would follow. It is important to continually remind yourself that your main training is the Judo, not the weights. For me to get it to work I had to split the lifts.

I don’t generally do any additional volume. Just the main lifts and get out. Having said that, I have learned to listen to my body. There are some days I am feeling great and I will add some volume and then there are some days that I won’t do the assistance.

Part of the reason I like 5/3/1 so much is that it isn’t insane volume so it allows me to get stronger but doesn’t destroy me so that I can’t do my practice afterward.

If I were only doing 3 main lifts I would nix the BP as well in favor of the OHP. I think it translates better strength wise to what we are doing…once again…just my opinion. LOL
Looking at your schedule I would probably consider splitting the strength training days from the practice days. But as Wender said in his comment you should evaluate it and adjust as necessary.

Eat and Sleep. Can’t say that enough. In my case, I know I don’t consume nearly the number of calories I should but it is important nevertheless.

The last thing, I just realized you said “join Judo dojo” so I gather you haven’t any training under your belt yet. If you are foregoing a Judo practice to do a weight training session that isn’t good. You need the hours on the mat. Work on the Judo and then the strength.

Good luck and enjoy!

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