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Judo and Weights

Looking for some advice. I’m coming back off an illness (stomach problems) I went from 195 in December, down to 170 at my lowest. I just got the OK from my Doctor to start working out again. I was able to get myself back up to 182 as of yesterday just on diet.

I’m a Judoka who supplements with weight training. I want to get back to my main goal of packing on enough muscle to compete in the 198 pound weight class. This would give me a walking weight between 200 and 205. I guess my goals are kinda odd, as I need to pack on 25 pounds as quickly as possible, but then get as strong as I can without moving too much from the 100 pound mark. Anybody have any tips on how to go about that?

Here’s my info cause I know you guys will get pissy if I don’t post it:

I’m doing weights on Monday and Friday.

Monday is:
BB flat bench - 4x5
DB incline - 3x5
T-Bar Row - 4x5
Back Squats 5x5
Front Squats 4x5
Then I go home and throught out the evening I do
25 pull-up (however I can get them)
5x5 bodyweight dips
Friday is:
DB decline: 4x5
BB Standing press: 3x5
Cable rows: 4x5
Conventional Deadlifts: 4x5
(I hang onto the bar throughout the set on Deads. I can’t use as much weight that way, bit I have a killer grip for Judo from it)
leg press: 4x5
Then I go home and do the same for pull ups and dips.

I have Judo for 1 1/2 hours on Tues, Thurs, Sat.

On Wednesdays and Saturdays, I do conditioning which is a butt load of pullps, dips, abs, medicine ball work, neck, burpees, sprints, etc. I like to mix it up.

As far as diet, I eat clean and get between 2500-3000 calories a day at age 33. I get my gram of protein per pund of weight a day, but other than that I’m just a lot of fruits, power bars, and carbs throughout the day. I need a high carb diet for my sport.

I’d eventually like to work in a routine with a lot of Olympic lifts, but I don’t think I’m ready for that quite yet.