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Judging: I am So Pissed Off...


I hardly ever complain. I don't really whine ever. One thing I do get is extremely mad, a lot. I've got to tell you, this bullshit I am about to post has got me spitting on my hands, hoisting the black flag, and slitting fucking throats.

So, there were two GNC Pro Deadlift meets this year. One in Columbus, OH at the Arnold Sports Festival and one at the Suck Fest or whatever in Spokane Washington. I competed at the Arnold and was pretty upset that I got a deadlift turned down due too, "missing the down command." Which I would totally agree with if that actually happened. But it didn't.

Today I came across this little 14 minute youtube video. Check out the down commands for Dermondy at 4mins and Gillingham at 8:15. THEY GET THE DOWN COMMAND BEFORE THEY LOCK THE WEIGHT OUT.

Again, not complaining. Just pissed beyound the capacity for rational thought. As a comparision in judging techniques, here is my lift that was turned down due to the psych out by the head judge:

Same sponser, same federation, basically the same lifters... totally different judging. Maybe it isn't all the federations that make Powerlifting a joke. Maybe it is the lack of standards within the federations.

I am just going to keep training hard and getting stronger so, hopefully, when I go back I get an ever bigger weight turned down for no reason.


One would think it was simple enough to wait until the lifter had locked out the weight...


What's in with the 2 stage hand motion? was the judge a moron?


Wow, that sucks. Those words aren't strong enough, but I don't know what else to say.


That's bullshit. Nice pull, though.


You didn't start going down until after the judge moved his hand down, but then he stopped his hand, raised it back up and the 2nd hand lowering was after you started putting it back down.

Complete bullshit. Judge is a retard. You pulled the weight perfectly.


I was at the Arnold, didn't get to see the deadlifts unfortunately, but that was complete bullshit man, the judge obviously had no idea what he was doing.


Man I watched you do this at the Arnold and I couldn't believe they didn't count it


I'm not a powerlifter, I'm a bodybuilder, but fuck that. You had that lift dude - what horse-shit.


This was USAPL?


This is the flipside of passing bogus lifts. Denying legal lifts .

IMO it's worse than passing shaky lifts . Or as least as bad .


Did you really miss the lift because of "not getting the down command" as the announcer says or did the side refs red light you for not holding the lockout?


How the fuck did you miss that pull, you clearly got the down signal its not your fault the retard put his hand back up.


You have every right to be pissed. I would be.


What an ass. I don't know what else to say. You should have shown control over the weight by dropping it on his foot.


Nope. These were both IPF meets with international lifters (at least the one at the Arnold had a few).


Unbelievable Storm the Beach! Total crap. I guess if you have some notoriety you get a down signal before yo're done.


im supprised you didnt explode on the stage there and then, i would have. nice hair btw


Again total crap. Nice head fake as you said. there is no reason to lean your body down and move your arm before you give the signal as he did. BTW, I was a National referee in the ADFPA in the 80s. I'm not unfamilar with calling it tough.


Why are you complaining?