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Well, the holidays are just about over and the alcoholics to start sobering up. Now that the partying has died down how about everyone share their experiences with the many temptations of the holidays. All the goodies, snacks and liquer being bombarded with, how has everyone’s bellies held up? Whos been naughty and whos been nice?

Naughty here. My pants definately feel tighter. But its back to the usual spartan regimen come Jan 6th.

Hi, Glassman. Between Thanksgiving and New Years I didn’t make as much progress as I would have liked, but didn’t do much damage either. The lack of progress had more to do with a daily caloric intake that was 140 kCal or so too high. With that one change made, I’m starting to make good progress again.

I managed to stay away from the sweets and away from the pizza (always my weaknesses more than liquor). The things that caused my self control to disappear like a fluffy cloud on a windy day is, oddly, the marjoram, thyme, sage, Jimmy Dean sausage, granny smith apple walnut stuffing that my mother used to make. That and a sweet potato cassarole with the crusty brown sugar, pecan topping that just wouldn’t quit calling my name. Oh, dear! Other than that, there were just a couple of days I carbed up that ideally I shouldn’t have.

The only things I had for the entire month of december was a bite of cheesecake during Christmas, one piece of a Godiva truffle and five or six hershey kisses. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but I was in the mood for chocolate one day. But considering that’s the only bad stuff I ate all month, I think I did pretty damn good.

Oh, lessee. Where to start?

I'd have a couple of eggnog lattes during the week. I had a slice of pie for Christmas, as well as assorted cookies (during the day). Oh, and of course: beer.

Other than that, didn't go crazy, nutto with the food. Didn't have time.

I was able to stick to my diet just fine over Christmas. Oddly enough, I just didn’t feel like eating any holiday food. I took a break New Year’s day and got some Chinese food, though. Mushu chicken, mmmm. I’m back on schedule today.

I was somewhat naughty – especially with the booze on Tuesday night. However, I was very good with meal combinations, minus one or two restaurant meals on dates, and the scale and the mirror tell me the damage wasn’t bad. Now it’s time to hit up the EDT weight-loss workout and see if it’s all it’s cracked up to be.

Happy New Year!

Im sure my statement here will bring a few laughs or raise of eye brows but here it goes. My Vacation time was about 10 days worth for christmas. From day one I ate sweets thoughout the day, egg nog, liquor, and tons of other not so good carbs. For the rest of the nine days I averaged about 10 cookies a day, all kinds of chocolate truffles through out the week, pie and cake slices atleast once a day, pancakes w/all the sweet toppings every morning, ate out for dinner almost every night, drank beer and white russians about five out of the ten days, and had tons of chips w/salsa though out as well. Oh and for christmas day all I ate were goodies from morning to bed time and each time it was till I felt full. Yep I weighed 163lbs. on Monday and as of this morning I weigh 158lbs, I was 153 before I left. after two workouts on Monday and Wedsnday. Fighting weight is 147 so I have a tough three weeks ahead of me.

Lost two pounds here, thats 25 total since mid Oct and down 4%bf total(about 2 1/2 pounds per week). I did find it funny how my family got a little upset becuase I wouldn’t break protocol and pig out with them.

4 Andes chocolate mints and I shared a chocolate ice cream cone with my son (I ate about 90% of it). Other than that diet has stayed. I’ve gone too far to cheat on any occasion. except when my son wants ice cream!

Here goes….

Christmas Eve I went out and had 8 beers.

Christmas Day I gorged my self on holiday foods and drank some more.

Boxing Day I did the same but also added a late night feast that included, among other things, 600g of liquorice and about 7 bottles of beer.

On the 27th I went out had a steak dinner which I washed down with a beer. Later that night I drank a bottle of wine.

On the 28th I some pizza and more beer- about ten that time.

On the 29th I had some more pizza and a bottle of wine.

On the 30th I had yet more pizza which was washed down with some more beer.

On the 31st I had even more pizza but added half a tub of ice cream, chicken wings and potato skins topped with cheese. All this was washed down with a glass of wine and about 9 beers.

On the 1st I had half a pizza, five chicken wings and some more potato skins topped with cheese.

Today I intend to return to the gym for the first time since Christmas Eve.

Curiously the damage hasn’t been that bad, there is some more fat around my gut, and my lower abs are even more obscured than they normally are. However I haven’t actually put on any weight- the scales at the local chemist actually have me one pound lighter- meaning I’ve dropped a little muscle but things could be a lot worse.

I’m proud to say that I did very well. I limited all true splurges to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Total crap eaten: 6 buckeyes (mmmmmm…); 7 gingerbread men cookies w/ iceing. Not too bad for me, really. I have found the best strategy is to just not overeat. Don’t starve yourself all day and just eat normal when the feast comes. Usually, this means no seconds. But your full, nevertheless. Plus, I did a full workout on the Eve. So that always helps.