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Judgement Day Approacheth......

I present you a comprehensive introduction (admittedly not for advanced traders and investors) to the financial wheeling-dealings that will pull the carpet out from under your feet.


This is ALSO the reason why those of you who do NOT hold stock certificates will … in time be consumed by your own faith!

What the presentaiton outlines is a little away from a certain scenario, but closer than ever before. And as the impending bank holiday comes closer, you have little to do than to arm yourselves.

And … pray, sinners. The headfake in the market this week has made the future more…certain.

The implication I draw from this is that the SEC needs to go away!

The implication I draw from this is that the SEC needs to go away![/quote]

Yeah…Big 12 all the way,baby!!

Methinks that will be the future of the stock market. A bunch of hypertensive brokers arguing back and forth with a studious asian dude meticulously tracking bids and asks (no level 2, 3 etc) and a big black dude busting up the poor boobs with margin calls.

This is OLD. I remember trying to watch this a year ago. This and a Milton Friedman video. It was like 2 hours long. Can’t sit at my laptop for more than 20 minutes at a time to watch anything else but porn.