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Judge My Squat

Please take a look at my squat and give me some tips.

I don’t see much wrong with other than you could be a bit more upright - but that is being picky.

I would like to know how heavy was that compared to your one rep? Often mistakes or flaws in techniques show when the weight gets nearer the one rep. You seemed to be lifting pretty easily so I assume you were not that close to your one rep max?!

It would be nice to see what your back, arms, head and shoulders are doing and with a weight closer to your max, maybe a single or two at 90 percent, in other words a video from a more revealing angle and more weight. I suspect you could be tighter in the upper back because your elbows are pushing back a bit (but I can’t tell from the video) and its also hard to tell how your knees are tracking from that angle. That said, I didn’t see any glaring errors from that angle, good work.

The weight was low about 160 pounds but my 1 rep max is probably only 225. I will keep increasing the weight and post another video down the road when I’m doing more weight and from a better angle.
Thanks a lot for the comments guys.