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Judge My Routine

I’m a lifter that’s starting up light again after 4 months off and I would like to know if this routine performed 3 times a week is decent before I start using percentages etc. when I get more time off from school. Last year I did some bodybuilding stuff and a Starting Strength cycle. I plan to hit this and then a Wendler template.

10 min. Handstand Practice
5x3 Clean
3x5 Squat
3x5 Overhead Press
3 ascents Rope Climb

I suggest you do squats first, then handstand practice. You will get an awesome head pump.

I think OHP 3x a week will be pretty tough on your shoulders… esp. if you’ll be doing handstands 3 x a week.

It seems like you’re into body weight stuff, so maybe do dips once a week instead or muscle-ups and forget the rope climb once a week.

ws4sb, 5/3/1 beginners template, or a normal 3 way split

If your just gonna run it for a week or two kinda like a break in period sure otherwise I second what Badger said and suggest just diving in to a effective routine.